Sprinkles The Enchanted Elephant’s First Halloween

Sprinkles is a member of a supernatural race of small speaking anthropomorphic elephants that walk upright, and are able to speak. Their origin is unknown yet they are clearly the product of enchantment. They live deep in the Mystical Forest in a region called Happy Fun Time Land which is composed of various talking anthropomorphic animals … Read moreSprinkles The Enchanted Elephant’s First Halloween

The Pounding Poltergeist

Project Manager Danny McSheen was burning the oils of Midnight all alone at Pinnacle Energies Research Corp.  Despite it being the season of Halloween he couldn’t enjoy the holidays with his immense workload.  As with each night for the past week, there were inexplicable pounding sounds coming from the second floor that seemed to grow … Read moreThe Pounding Poltergeist

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