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The Sinister Scarecrow Of Haunted Loomis Farms

 The Legendary Loomis Farms Falls Prey To The Great Depression Somewhere in Pennsylvania Dutch Country a farm and its cornfield sit abandoned for many decades now. Nobody will buy the property and mostly only foolish teenagers venture on the property to … Continue reading

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The Hand Of Glory Talisman & Shrunken Heads!

Ornaments and artifacts made from pieces of the human body are definitely gruesome, but I can’t help but find them more than a little fascinating. People have been making things out of one another’s body parts for centuries, from drinking … Continue reading

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Rare Andrea By Sadek Japanese Hand Crafted Stag Deer Nature Figurine Statue 6309

This breathtaking deer stag figurine is a rare collectors treat that was handcrafted, and realistically painted by the renowned Japanese artisans Andrea By Sadek.  The beguiling deer statue sits atop a separate smooth finished wood base.  The hauntingly beautiful beast … Continue reading

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