Rare Andrea By Sadek Japanese Hand Crafted Stag Deer Nature Figurine Statue 6309

 Rare Andrea By Sadek Japanese Hand Crafted Stag Deer Nature Figurine StatueThis breathtaking deer stag figurine is a rare collectors treat that was handcrafted, and realistically painted by the renowned Japanese artisans Andrea By Sadek.  The beguiling deer statue sits atop a separate smooth finished wood base.  The hauntingly beautiful beast is depicted walking past a tree stump with a fallen branch, foliage, and rock formation at it’s feet.  This limited edition, and hard to find figurine would make a wonderful addition to any nature lovers set of collectibles.  Some suggest this item is haunted by the spirit of a Wendigo.  A high level witch channeled the consciousness of the terrifying beast into this figurine thereby incapacitating it’s ferocious body.  Although the item appears perfectly normal it’s theorized that breaking the figurine will release the Wendigo into a poltergeist form to wreak havoc in the general vicinity.  If you do break it then run away at light speed, and don’t look back.  Once miles away only then pray for the souls of those who are in the zone of haunting!  The seller of this item would rather not reveal the haunted nature of this item but our investigation seems to indicate a spirited inhabitant within the stag statue.   Made In Japan.  Item Number 6309.
No scratches or cracks.  Mint Condition. Original box not available.
Wood Base Approximately: 4 inches X  7 Inches X 1 Inch
Deer Figure Approximately: 7 1/2 Inches X  7 1/2 Inches X  3 Inches

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