Hilarious Presidential Debate Stalking!

Embedded above there used to be a hilarious Saturday Night Live skit where Donald Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, comically stalks Hillary Clinton, played by Kate McKinnon, on the second debate stage amid Jaws theme music. However as usual the idiots removed it from Youtube so here’s the video at NBC’s website insteadOriginal Youtube Video URL Now Annoyingly Gone!

Okay this is ridiculous! Now it’s gone from NBC as if this is some secret jewel not to be seen ever again! You can find SNL’s skits of the first and third debates but not the second for some insane unknown reason! However there are clips of it within news videos….for now! Below is a CNN report…until it’s magically deleted!

UPDATE: Seriously it’s like whiplash! SNL keeps blocking and then reactivating access to this particular video for reasons not yet known! I’m just leaving what I wrote below because it’s getting old. Just accept that sometimes the video above will work and sometimes it won’t!  Someone at NBC has a lot of time on their hands! They’re actually paying someone to fart around with videos like this! Sign me up for that easy gig!

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