Womb To Tomb In 40 Seconds!

Freak quantum time tunnel, aka Hyper-Dimensional Temporal Comet, hit the exact space, and time of a baby’s birth!  A Hyper-Dimensional Temporal Comet is a 5-D celestial hyperspace entity containing a rapid independent time stream that invisibly intersects Parallel Universes. It rarely comes in contact with large blocks of solid matter. However in this extremely unlucky case the results were astronomically epic!

The birthed baby was sucked into the terrifying time tunnels path. This in turn caused him to rapidly age straight through to natural death within 40 seconds. If that had not occurred then certainly the fall from high in the sky would have done the dirty deed! What’s truly beyond belief about this freak coincidence is the temporal comets nearly final trajectory arcing perfectly into a grave at a cemetery!

Amazingly the corpses final destination was yet to come! The raw power of this five dimensional phenomenon sent this poor bastard forcibly though the Earth toward the inner molten core. Of course the body was pulverized long before it reached that point! The temporal comet was attracted to the strong magnetic field which eventually phased it back into the 5th dimension where it belongs!

Although the baby man was naturally scared it always had the mind of a baby, and had no grasp of what was truly happening to it.  Certainly every baby cries at birth, and the sudden crazy launching out a window into the sky didn’t help matters. Interestingly enough the rapid aging caused instant healing so the crash through the window didn’t really hurt the poor little guy! Thankfully he mercifully died of geriatric ravages before crashing into the grave now shared with another. Free of environmental factors he most likely died at 120 plus years of age! Quite a macabre event indeed yet this is the shocking nature of reality that is unstable at the quantum microscopic level! When you believe your life is horrible, and unfair just think of this guy. Most likely the most unlucky person to ever live!

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