Hellishly Horrific Animated Demonic Zombie Prop

True zombies themselves are a result of the supernatural zombie virus which is not of a demonic nature. However in some cases where a demonically possessed human falls prey to a zombie you will get a rare Demon Zombie. A terrifying creature you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. Spirit Halloween brings this horror to life in the form of an animated abomination called Demonica. Most likely her human name was Monica but unfortunately poor sweet Monica is long gone.  Hopefully her soul walked into the light of eternal goodness leaving her shed body to exist as a soulless demon possessed zombie. A malevolent being out for flesh, and blood as it follows a monstrous reign of terror.  Let the screams fly free on your front lawn this Halloween with the display of your very own Demonica rising from the Earth with crimson lit eyes,  sinister laughter, and a general aura of pure evil. To learn more, or buy this animatronic zombie online visit Spirit Halloween.


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