Condemned Criminal Executed In Electric Chair Halloween Prop

What could be scarier for your haunted house guests than an actual execution of a condemned criminal at the hands of your own prison electric chair prop?  An animatronic death row criminal strapped into a realistic electric chair called the Shake n’ Bake Electric Chair Haunted House Prop makes this possible.  It’s a dynamic Halloween haunted house prop using the latest technology to create fast, organic movement that includes insane thrashing and high speed vibrating! Due to the violent movement, the chair is made of welded metal. It includes industrial electrical switch mounted on base with stand, beacon light, cassette player, tape, fog machine, and amp with speaker. Requires AC power and 125 psi air compressor. 6 feet tall, 3 feet wide, 4.6 feet deep.   To learn more or purchase this electrifying piece of Halloween horror you can do an internet search or go to Foster’s Fun Shop for the lowest price.

About Xavier Remington

I'm the President of Mystic Investigations. A paranormal crime fighting organization out for supernatural justice in a world full of darkness.
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