Watch The Munsters Unaired Pilot

Part 1 of the unaired pitch pilot for “The Munsters” TV series from the early 1960’s presented in color.  Click Here For Part 2 or watch below. The campy horror comedy series features an unorthodox family of a Frankenstein dad, vampire mom, werewolf son, vampire grandpa, and a pet dragon. How did a Frankenstein and vampire … Read moreWatch The Munsters Unaired Pilot

Crazed Cat Is Displeased With His Birthday Cake!

A crazed cat is lavished with a fine tuna birthday cake by his owner. However the cat is not impressed in the least. He shows his displeasure for the cake by swatting it off the table! It flies into the wall, and falls to floor in utter ruins. His cat friend looks on silently. Undoubtedly … Read moreCrazed Cat Is Displeased With His Birthday Cake!

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