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Cat Rides A Magic Flying Carpet

A Cat finds a rare Feline Genie’s bottle and wishes for a magic flying carpet to transport them across the perilous kitchen floors. The other two wishes were a never ending supply of tuna and immunity to all dogs.😺

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Crazed Cat Is Displeased With His Birthday Cake!

A crazed cat is lavished with a fine tuna birthday cake by his owner. However the cat is not impressed in the least. He shows his displeasure for the cake by swatting it off the table! It flies into the … Continue reading

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The Black Cat Of Fortune Telling

By C. L. Hernandez A diamond-eyed cat was in charge of the cards, and she grinned as I entered the tent. She winked from behind her curtain of lace, and told me, “Its money well spent.” I could tell right … Continue reading

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