The Reality Of The Munsters

The Munsters was a fantasy sitcom that aired on broadcast television from 1964-1966. It featured a family of friendly green-skinned monsters living within mainstream society. Often they garnered reactions of fear from outsiders that puzzled them. There was Herman Munster, the Frankenstein Father, and his wife Lily who was a vampire. Oddly enough their son … Read moreThe Reality Of The Munsters

Watch The Munsters Unaired Pilot

Part 1 of the unaired pitch pilot for “The Munsters” TV series from the early 1960’s presented in color.  Click Here For Part 2 or watch below. The campy horror comedy series features an unorthodox family of a Frankenstein dad, vampire mom, werewolf son, vampire grandpa, and a pet dragon. How did a Frankenstein and vampire … Read moreWatch The Munsters Unaired Pilot

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