The Good Witch Maria Helps Out A Paranormal Traveler

The Good Witch Maria is the paranormal protector of the Enchanted Forest. You’re a supernatural slayer on the trail of a malevolent monster. Unfortunately, you didn’t realize that the monster is merely the puppet of a wicked witch darkly deep into the black magics! The dark witch specializes in absorbing the energy and powers of other supernatural beings. She can even perform a soul-sucking ceremony to drain the metaphysical energy of an average human’s soul. Thankfully, she was satisfied with merely siphoning off the enchanted energy of your superhuman powers while leaving your soul intact. Once her alarming appetite was sated, she left you for dead and moved on into the wayward woods to direct her blasphemous beast to wreak havoc upon innocent campers and hikers in the vicinity.

Luckily you weren’t completely alone as you are a member of a mystical team of titans who were scattered about the frightening forest. After spending a few hours with the healing witch Maria you were returned to full power and found your team had subdued the beast. However, the wicked witch was winning as she sent her demonic energies at everyone. Her goal was to get close enough to siphon everyone’s powers. As you entered the fray she began to weaken but a sinister spell turned the tides momentarily. That’s when Maria few in on a broomstick and took down her nemesis! She invited all of you for dinner and you headed home as the sun set upon the peaceful forest.🧙‍♀️

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