Seriously Ill & Abused Children Fly To North Pole To See Santa Claus

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The news reports of ill, abused, and homeless Denver Area kids getting a Fantasy Flight to the North Pole appeared to be a fun staged event.  The awesome adventure of meeting Santa Claus in the Capital Of Christmas. There were indications of a mere hour flight to a special North Pole decorated airport hangar where Santa Claus was supposedly waiting. This took place before Mystic Investigations arrived at the actual North Pole City for our annual vacation retreat. An exciting perk for those us in the real supernatural community who battle the forces of darkness! To everyone’s surprise Santa Claus himself confirmed those special kids arrived here for real!  You won’t see anything detailing this in the news reports courtesy of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. An ancient document of paranormal law that dictates the world of the supernatural be kept secret from the human world…with certain exceptions.   Read The Rest Of The Story In Our Paranormal News Blog >>>

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