The Anti-Claus Cometh

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I was heading home from the office when I got an emergency call on my CB radio, which all Mystic employees have in their personal cars.  We at Mystic Investigations are on call 24-7 because supernatural evil never sleeps.  A frantic woman reported a gnome in her cellar.  She had called 911 first but the police laughed at her, and told her not to call again or she’d be in deep trouble.   I was thinking that maybe it was a scared Elf since this is the time of year for Santa’s Enchanted Elves to roam about spreading good cheer in the spirit of Christmas.  It’s unusual for gnomes to be active in December.  I was the closest one to her house so I answered the call.  I pulled up to Mrs.Jenkins residence at about 6:00 PM, and she ran out of the house screaming “Gnome!  Gnome!”  I got out of my car, and tried to calm the woman down but she was quite hysterical.  The Gnome apparently bolted up the steps, and entered her kitchen.  I finally got her to sit on the porch as I entered the house.

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