What Does Santa Claus Do On Friday The 13th?

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Santa Claus certainly doesn’t have to worry about Friday The 13th  and all the bad luck associated with it. This is due to him being a Demi-Angel. Angels are even luckier than Leprechauns!  There’s also the fact that his sainted North Pole City is a bastion of good luck.  It’s one of the top fantastic fortune centers on Earth! Second only to the Capital Of Good Luck and home of the Leprechauns known as Lucky Lake. The largest natural wishing well on the planet. There are also various enchanted energy centers around the world related to the heart of our world Goddess Gaia Mother Earth. That being said, there have been times Santa has traveled on Friday The 13th and encountered denizens of darkness he must deal with in order to protect humankind!

Friday The 13th Past

Here we will post any future updates related to Santa Claus and anything interesting he did on this dark luck day. Thankfully, the latest Friday The 13th in December should be uneventful due to the lunar energies of the December 12th Full Yule Moon being deeply ensconced with The Spirit Of Christmas. This has dissipated a lot of failed fortune and kept evil entities at bay. So far Santa Claus has spent the day at North Pole City preparing for Christmas.

Friday, June 13th, 1913 – Dark Leprechaun Deals

Santa Claus was browsing some quaint toy shops on Friday, June 13, 1913, in London, England. He was looking for new gift ideas as Christmas In July was at hand.  One particular store caught his enchanted eyes because it had Christmas decor. Truly the owner of this fine establishment has The Spirit Of Christmas in his heart all year round! At that moment Santa sensed a dark presence was afoot. He strolled inside to find nobody manning the empty shop. Santa cautiously entered an area behind the counter as the specter of bad luck hung heavy in the air. He could hear muffled voices as he peered around the corner. There he saw the store owner talking to what appeared to be a little Leprechaun sitting on the counter next to him. The little fella was absolutely adorable as his soothing Irish voice reassured the man about a deal he wanted to make with him. The man was to pledge his soul and that of his future offspring in exchange for good luck in the form of making his toy shop the most successful in London. This included acquiring the power to create amazing toys of his own.

The soul pledge isn’t the same as selling one’s soul. It’s however enough for an entity of evil to gain lifetime access to it for nefarious ends. The Leprechaun in question was actually a Clurichaun of darkness. Clurichauns are former Leprechauns with warped demonic DNA caused by making their own deals with demons! The little imp utilized a magical Glamour to disguise his true hideous form! Only Santa could see through the deception. The misguided man finally decided to sign a parchment blood contract. The sealing of a dark deal of damnation that would indeed make the man successful in the toy industry. Unfortunately, in every other facet of his life and that of his family, there would be rampant bad luck. Magnificent misfortune the Clurichaun would feed off of to fuel his pot of gilded gold. Read The Rest Of The Story Here…

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Friday, October 13th, 1989 – Jason Voorhees

Santa’s battle with Jason Voorhees amid the 1989 Halloween season took place in Ohio. Santa ended up saving a group of teenagers who decided to spend a spooky Friday The 13th night at an abandoned summer camp. Naturally, they thought it was all good fun to invoke the nefarious name of Voorhees thinking he wasn’t real. To their shock, they found out he was very real! Jason then went after them with a murderous vengeance! Their shrill screams echoed through the woods as they found themselves in a living horror movie!

The first potential victim was about to be slain by a sharp implement as his friends looked on in horror. They tried to intervene but were easily tossed aside by the living dead menace. Frozen in fear they prepared to witness their friend’s death and flee into the dark forest. At that moment Santa Claus rushed from the brush and punched Jason in the face so hard he flew right through a tree losing his blade in the process! Santa screamed, “Run my children, and don’t ever look back!” Indeed, they scurried away and made it home safely. Read The Rest Of This Horrifying Tale…

Friday, January 13th, 2012 – Claus Family Road Trip

Santa is on vacation with Mrs. Claus, and his two kids after his hard work delivering Christmas gifts around the world. This includes the annual battles against the Anti-Claus as he attempts to derail Christmas. The Claus Family is traveling about North America on a road trip in an RV. The entire trip was delightfully uneventful in a supernatural sense! Every so often Santa wants to live like a human and have his seemingly perpetually young kids experience a normal childhood as well. Today on Friday The 13th, 2012 Santa Claus is at CES, The Consumer Electronics Show, in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada browsing new high-tech Christmas gifts[Ad] for future holiday seasons.

Naturally, he keeps a low profile outside of the Christmas season so he’s traveling incognito under the name Kris Kringle.  Santa dyes his hair brown and trims his beard short.  In addition, he wears normal clothing. Although, Father Christmas tends to mostly wear red, white, and sometimes green clothes.  There have been no reports of bad luck at CES most likely due to Santa milling about the crowd spreading good cheer. Usually, a few Gremlins like to show up to mess around with the gadgets but none appeared on this day.  If you feel a vibe of goodness from a bearded man and think you’ve known him all your life then you may have in fact had a rare brush with old Saint Nick!

Friday, December 13, 2013 – The Demon Specter

While taking his sleigh on a test run on the night of Friday The 13th in 2013 a most disturbing cry for help crept into Santa’s mind. Being part Angel he can hear prayers or pleas for help from a great distance. Only a high-level God can take the mental pressure of bearing the emotional anguish of all souls! So he blocks out all except the most urgent of those in need. There’s also the fact that he is bound to some extent by the selective non-interference policy of Heaven and of course the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. However, Santa has been known to carefully violate both when it comes to saving human lives!

On this night he heard a couple in bed literally paralyzed in fear as the Friday The 13th Demon Specter attacked them. A Specter finally eradicated in 2015 with a little help from us here at Mystic Investigations. Santa immediately landed his sleigh on the couple’s roof and entered the house via chimney-shimmering teleportation. Once inside he rushed upstairs to check on their son and daughter sleeping silently. Luckily the sinister specter never bothers kids as their innocence is too much for his pure evil to bear!

Santa tried to enter the parent’s room but the door was supernaturally sealed shut even under his immense angelic strength. He then employed Enochian angel magic to burst through the door in a blinding holy light that caused the foggy black specter to actually scream and scatter briefly. Almost instantly the black smoke transformed back to its vaporous skeletal form complete with glowing crimson eyes. It floated toward Santa while sending forth wayward waves from its body. These were filled with dark metaphysical energy to instill fear and pain.

Santa swallowed and inhaled the dark vapors while smiling. Although he burped and said, “Excuse me Rudolph eyes!” The Specter wasn’t amused and threatened, “I don’t know what manner of entity you are but your death is at hand!” Santa chuckled, “Ho ho ho leave this innocent family alone and be gone you blasphemous beast!” The Specter screamed in anger and turned into a tornado engulfing Santa Claus.  Santa inhaled the entire Specter and then froze with eyes closed as an internal mental battle took place.

Within Santa’s mind, the demon and demi-angel appeared to engage in a good old-fashioned fist fight. As they fought Santa attempted to turn its dark metaphysical matter and energy into that of angelic light. On the other hand, the demon was merely trying to kill Santa! However, every cell in the Great Claus’s body was bright with energized holy light! So the Specter focused most of his power on possessing Santa’s mind. Despite his efforts, the demon saw nothing but strength, good cheer, and justice dancing amid sugar plum fairies. There was nothing to exploit in this holy man’s mind. The demon was trapped as he felt every fiber of his evil being succumbing to Santa’s awesome power!

In a last-ditch attempt to escape he coalesced into a dense ball in Santa’s lungs and caused a gargantuan cough followed by a super sneeze that blew a huge hole out the side of the house. The Specter flew away into the dark starry skies to heal before haunting humanity again. Santa was weakened to an extent in the mental melee and couldn’t go after him. Rudolph saw the demon fly off and declared,”Holy cow look at that smokey guy go!” Thankfully, the couple in bed was out cold from the demon and would probably assume everything they saw was just an odd shared nightmare. That is after Santa and an Elf in the sleigh repaired the wall. They then left and returned to the North Pole to recuperate and reflect on the horrifying incident!👻

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