Is Elf On A Shelf Real?

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Does the infamous Elf On A Shelf really move on it’s own?  Others have witnessed strange behavior from these Elf dolls, and questioned whether it could possibly be demonic possession.  Thankfully in most cases it’s actually Elf possession.  At least according to various paranormal investigations including our own. Elves sleeping at the North Pole Astral dream their spirits into Elf On A Shelf dolls briefly causing movement.  Apparently the creator of the product placed some Enochian Angel  Magic spell upon the dolls causing them to be Elf consciousness magnets. In rare cases a malicious demon is at work but the home is usually inhabited with at least one troubled individual.  If you have a happy family then it will always be an Elf if the movement appears spontaneous.  Otherwise it’s someone in the home moving the little fella around.

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