The Chaotic Case Of The Memorial Day Zombie Ghost


All of us at Mystic Investigations had off on Memorial Day. Of course, theoretically, we’re never off duty since supernatural darkness never sleeps! Most of us went our separate ways but saw each other at the various festivities throughout the warm sunny day in Woodland Springs, Colorado. This included the annual Memorial Day Parade in the morning.  I noticed an odd grey-skinned man wearing a tattered World War II soldier’s uniform complete with a faded green helmet.  He was walking among the parade floats with a sinister look on his unsettling face. Our Telekinetic Psychic Julia Hathaway found us and said she felt chills up her spine when the mysterious man looked directly at her! She called his eyes soulless coals of death! The fair Demi-Mermaid Witch Rebecca Abernathy also said something wasn’t right about him. Well besides the stale zombie looking skin. We tried to find him but he disappeared into the crowd without a trace.

Did Nazi Experiments Cause The Impeccable Preservation Of A Corpse?

Later in the afternoon, we attended a solemn service at the local cemetery to honor the men and women of the armed forces who had given their lives to defend our fundamental freedoms. A special ceremony was held in front of the Mulroney Family Crypt. The Mulroney’s were a moderately wealthy family who made their fortune in mining back in the late 1800’s. A long-lived inheritance that allowed them to live like millionaires. The 76-year-old Patriarch Wallace Mulroney was recently informed that his MIA Father’s remains were miraculously located in Germany.  Shockingly they were found rather well preserved in a secret Nazi underground laboratory only discovered mere months ago. There was a media cover-up due to the secrecy of the experiments that were paranormal in nature. Unholy experiments dabbling in immortality!  Records indicate that the loyal Nazi scientists wanted to grant Adolph Hitler eternal rule over Germany, and the world. They had a diabolical plan to not only make him immortal but also imbue him with the full range of psychokinetic powers all humans have in latent form within their junk DNA (Develop PSI Powers). That would have made him an unstoppable God! The world could have easily plunged perilously into terrifying tyranny!  Thankfully the war ended before their plans came to frightening fruition.

A Solemn Service For A Fallen Veteran

Wallace’s MIA Father, Lt. Gerald Mulroney, lay in a closed casket in front of the family crypt as a brief funeral service took place with members of the Armed Forces. The photo on display of Gerald looked familiar but I couldn’t place where I had seen him before. The American flag draping the casket was removed, and folded by the soldiers on hand. Wallace was presented with it. Then the casket was carried inside the dimly lit crypt followed by family members as the doors creaked closed. The casket was to be opened for viewing only by them. This was possible due to the miraculously well-preserved condition of the body. Those of us there started to walk away when all of a sudden we heard screams coming from the crypt.  We ran inside to find a deeply distressed family weeping over an empty casket.  We introduced ourselves as the Mystic Investigation Team and examined the coffin. There were claw marks on the inside, and the casket locks were bent.  Something not seen earlier due to the flag draped over it.  We didn’t quite know how to tell them that whoever was in the coffin forced their way out. So we said nothing.

The Reanimation Of A Deceased World War II Soldier

We regrouped outside, and Julia said she had a vision when she touched the inside of the casket.  She was pretty sure Gerald was the grey guy in the worn army combat uniform we saw at the parade. It became clear this odd person was the same guy in the funeral picture once I looked past the living dead wrinkled skin. We had some kind of walking dead creature on our hands, and I promptly contacted the other team members. We were about to fan out when we heard panicked yelling in the distance. It was coming from the Memorial Day Picnic which had just begun at the park down the trail.  We ran among the gravestones to the woodland trail.  Rebecca, being a supernatural sprinter, reached the clearing to the park first.  However, our vampire Drake Alexander could run faster but was unable to come out in the holy sunlight that would turn him into burning ash!

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Memorial Day Chaos Caused By A Monster!

When Rebecca arrived at the park she saw mass chaos as the grey-skinned soldier chased people about while swinging his arms wildly! He was making crazy guttural noises amid muttering some nonsensical gibberish. As he targeted everyone and anything that moved, he trashed picnic tables, benches, baskets, and everything else along the way! It was the biggest one-way food fight ever! Men, women, children, and even dogs were running away screaming in fear!  Actually, the dogs made more of a yelping sound as they would stop briefly to slurp up a flying food snack. A rather large bear had wandered slowly in from the woods nearby and promptly turned around bolting away!

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Lt. Gerald Mulroney: Sapient Zombie

Once we all arrived at the park we could hear the zombie soldiers gravel voice scream, “You ungrateful brats!  I gave my life for you, and you’ve flushed America in the toilet with your lazy complacency!”  Rebecca raced to him, and stopped Gerald from picking up a woman, and tossing her several feet as he did with others who were lying on the grass in pain.  Rebecca punched him in his ashen face but he just stood there laughing maniacally.  He was about to grab her neck when we all tackled him to the ground.  He was fiercely strong as he growled like a mad man smelling like a rotting corpse.  At that moment my best guess was that he might be a sapient zombie otherwise known as a Zombie Ghost.  Something usually only seen when a ghost gains the power to re-enter their corpse, and self-resurrect.  However, his strength was off the zombie charts when he hoisted all of us off him and sent us flying in all directions!  He leaped to his feet snarling, gripping his hands into tight fists, and running about in an otherworldly serpentine pattern.

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Mystic Investigations vs An Angry Self-Aware Zombie!

People were scurrying to the parking lot attempting to leave but Gerald began smashing car engines and windows along with ripping doors off their hinges. As we approached him again, he lifted a minivan loaded with a family of five over his head, and launched it toward a large oak tree.  The kids in the back were screeching in terror! If only Drake was here he could have caught it like a giant football. Fortunately, Rebecca and Julia worked together to save them.  Rebecca mustered up all her Demi-Mermaid strength while Julia used her telekinesis to lighten the load on her. Gerald was enraged that we were interfering in his revenge-filled rampage as he blamed everyone for what he saw as the sorry state of our nation.

The Desperate Effort To Save Innocent Lives From A Supernatural Scourge!

He began picking up some boulders nearby and launching them at us.  We dodged them as Rob Edmunds, our Ghost Buster, fired off his extremely expensive customized quantum particle disruption gun. Something normally used to destroy a ghost’s foothold in our reality.  It hit Gerald who was dazed for a bit but then he sped to Rob in a flash and crushed the gun to smithereens. Certainly, he was the fastest zombie ever! Gerald slapped Rob across the face knocking him out cold. I approached the monstrous man and lay some of my best Kung Fu, and Ninjutsu moves upon his living dead form. For my trouble, I received a painful punch to the gut. Thankfully, my martial arts training taught me to redirect kinetic energy and spread it all about my body so blows wouldn’t be so destructive. Something essential for a human battling the forces of supernatural darkness!

Monstrous Memorial Day Madness!

We all dove on top of the insanely violent zombie again and attempted to subdue this nutty dead guy! A woman nearby was hysterically crying, “What the hell is going on here! This isn’t real!” amid Gerald’s destruction. She was having some kind of surreal nervous breakdown as people lie bloodied, and injured. A handful of people managed to speed away in their cars for dear life!  We fought to keep Gerald grounded as he roared, “I endured years of torturous experiments, and I come back to find this once great nation thrust in the dark shadows of damnation!”  I replied, “My God Gerald get a grip, and let’s discuss this like rational human beings!”  After that, he just growled, and tried to bite me! One moment he was coherent, and intelligent while the next he was a wild paranormal animal! Julia attempted to reach him psychically but his mind was a chaotic mess. Rebecca couldn’t even get a moment to do a magic spell amid fighting this crazy corpse.

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Vampire vs Intelligent Zombie!

Suddenly a sewer grate flew away into the parking lot as Drake the vampire popped his head out motioning to us. His hair began emitting unholy smoke that looked like white steam. This despite the tree’s filtering out some of the sunlight which is destructive to vampires.  We struggled to drag the kicking and screaming sapient super zombie to the sewer hole.  Drake got hold of his uniform with one hand and dragged him down into the dark stinky depths. The entire parking lot shook as an epic fist fight took place below us. Howls and roars bellowed forth from the sewer.  A minute later there was dead silence.  We looked down to see Drake climbing up a ladder. He said, “The zombie bit into me, and drank my blood.  A second later he was dust!”  Drake was careful not to drink Gerald’s blood just in case his origin was zombie in nature since zombie blood, or dead human blood is poison to vampires.  Clearly, vampire blood had a destructive effect on the pile of ashes strewn among a military uniform on the wet sewer floor. Now the only remains of a once valiant soldier.

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The Usual Media Cover-Up Of A Supernatural Event

Our friend Sheriff Blake Maverick got control of the crime scene.  He gave the usual story to the local media.  Mad man hopped up on PCP! LOL! Amazingly people usually believe it. They’d rather blame drugs than accept the horror that it was something supernatural. We also had some key witnesses at the park hypnotized into remembering Rebecca and Julia’s actions differently. We felt bad for the Mulroney Family, who thankfully didn’t realize their relative was behind this Memorial Day mess.  So we had the Sheriff manufacture a story about a casket mix-up at the airport.  We delivered a new coffin with a magical Glamour inside that looked like Gerald’s body. Once sealed inside Gerald’s personal burial vault the Glamour would vanish.  Out of respect, and honor for the brave soldier Lt. Gerald Mulroney we dressed the Glamour in his uniform, and placed most of the ashes in the casket.  We saved a small handful for supernatural study. We’re sure Gerald would have been happy to aid metaphysical science in its quest to protect humanity from the forces of darkness!

RIP Lieutenant Gerald Mulroney

Our findings along with what our German paranormal investigations counterparts know of the Nazi lab indicated that the scientists were tapping into the zombie virus to weed out the immortality element without the pesky corpse decay. Gerald was some kind of reanimated zombie corpse who maintained his faculties during some moments while turning into a rage-filled monster at other times. Evidently, there were paranormal biochemical fluctuations not perfected during the experiment. Evidence also indicated that Gerald died in such a horrific manner that he became a ghost who re-entered his dead body. This made him a Zombie Ghost although be it a very unique one.  Luckily, he only bit Drake and tossed everyone else around not even thinking of biting them.  He obviously didn’t have the zombie’s appetite for human flesh or at least hadn’t developed it yet.  Gerald was locked away in a dormant state within some kind of stasis chamber since the 1940’s. We’re not sure of the exact reason why he only woke up on Memorial Day.  Perhaps the spirits of fallen soldiers in our extremely supernatural town awakened him. RIP Lieutenant Gerald Mulroney and Happy Memorial Day to all!

Interesting Note: Mystic Investigations and Sheriff Maverick received a mysterious phone call from the number 000-000-0000. The odd voice on the other end said, “Excellent cover work! You saved the taxpayers some money.” They promptly hung up with no way to return the call. We assume it was the US Paranormal Defense Agency since they are notorious for doing whatever is necessary to keep the existence of the supernatural from the general public. We’re usually at odds with them but perhaps they want to encourage citizens to lift some of the load off their secret agency?

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