Does Becoming A Vampire Cure Disease, Deformities And Aging?

Humans with mental, and physical diseases are cured when they transmute into vampires.  This includes a drastic increase in IQ, and emotional status. There is also a complete healing of all physical scars, deformities, birthmarks, and imperfections. Even weight, and muscular development is made optimal. Extreme examples include the severely obese restored to a healthy weight within hours! The reversal of Down’s Syndrome, Ebola infections eradicated, and a quadriplegic growing back all four of their limbs. In addition the signs of aging, namely wrinkles, sagging skin, and grey hair, are reversed.  A vampire could appear in their late 20’s or early 30’s even if they had been a 90 year old human. In fact some wealthy elites ingest vampire blood to help them remain young, and healthy for as long as possible. Obtaining even an ounce can cost thousands of dollars on the Black Market!

Any television series, or movies showing old looking vampires, or even with less than impeccable skin are not accurate. Clearly they can’t limit their choice of actors nor go to the expense of excessive special effects to hide the actors imperfections. That perfection is the first sign you’re dealing with a vampire. In the right lighting they may actually appear fake since the average human is not used to seeing such perfect beauty! Of course they often use hypnosis to sway your mind away from noticing such things.

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