What Is Jason Voorhees?

Are The Friday The 13 Movies True?
Friday The 13th Jason Voorhees!The Friday The 13th films are indeed based on a true story. Jason Voorhees (Born Friday, March 13, 1953) was a deformed mentally retarded child who was mercilessly ridiculed by his peers, and adults alike. He was completely ignored by most everyone as he drowned in Crystal Lake on Friday The 13th in May of 1966. Some even laughed as they believed he was just goofing around and not even drowning! His mother began the killing spree at Camp Crystal Lake out of revenge for her son’s death. Her death finally triggered Jason’s biological resurrection from non-corporeal form. The unique mix of his tragic death, the dark energies of Friday The 13th, mental retardation, and possible evil already existing in his immortal soul caused him to be caught in the dream plane between life and death. There he garnered the attention of an unknown lone demon who powered his horrifying creation. In addition, inexplicably the magical innocence of childhood was lost somewhere along the way.  The magic that should have prevented this menace from existing, to begin with. Most likely the demonic metaphysical energy fused with his human soul to cause the unholy resurrection of Jason.  A biological supernatural being in lieu of the usual vengeful ghost or poltergeist that one would usually expect in such a situation.

Jason’s non-corporeal consciousness was channeled by the demon into a freshly dead adult human corpse, and his life as one of the greatest supernatural serial killers of all time finally began. Jason’s spirit was in essence adopted by a demon so technically he’s a demonically altered entity possessing a dead body to the point of transforming the DNA to living dead demon status. So he could be classified as a demi-demon to an extent. Since half of him is human, and the other half is demonic in nature. However unlike most demidemons, his flesh is dead, and rotting like a zombie. Jason is more precisely a rare Zombified Demi-Demon, or possibly a Demon-Zombie Hybrid. One advantage of a new body was a moderately healthy adult brain that allowed for him to be more cognizant, and more apt at his profession as a supernatural serial killer.

Jason kills the teen campers at Camp Crystal Lake out of revenge for not only his own mindless death but the death of his mother as well. Sexed up teens seem to really trigger a rage within him due in part to the prudishness his mother instilled within him along with the fact that the inattentive lifeguards who allowed him to drown were selfishly indulging themselves in carnal lust. There’s also some sub-conscious jealously over never growing up as a normal child, and being able to partake of life’s pleasures. This further darkens his heart and stokes the hellish flames of demonic glee in the great dark beyond where his exploits are applauded. The Devil himself has stated that he finds Jason,”Rather amusing”.

The killings at the original Camp Crystal Lake in Essex County New Jersey ceased once Jason was supposedly killed by some crazy lucky teens.  Not soon after this the camp was burnt to the ground by holy fire courtesy of a brave group of paranormal investigators and the holy clergy they had in tow.  Don’t worry it wasn’t vandalism since the camp was slated to be torn down anyway.  Those who knew about Jason just wanted to make sure he was eradicated.  Unfortunately, he does have a nasty habit of self-resurrecting.  Jason seems to have an affinity for summer camps packed full of adolescents around the continental United States.  Especially those near lakes with the name Crystal.

The dark Voorhees last death took place at a summer camp on Friday, August 13, 1999. It was near a small lake that the residents jokingly renamed Crystal Lake after having a Friday The 13th Movie Marathon.  It certainly caught Jason’s attention, and a horrifying killing spree took place there! Thankfully a nearby team of brave paranormal warriors known as The Ten Gallon Hat Metanatural’s took down Jason with extreme prejudice. Jason’s zombified corpse was beheaded, doused in holy oil, and then lit ablaze with holy fire all under the supervised blessing of a powerful trinity of priests. They also performed an exorcism to finally target the Demon behind Jason. Most of the Ten Gallon’s were descendants of the original legendary team of wild west cowboys who specialized in the supernatural. Immediately after Jason’s apparent death, the US Paranormal Defense Agency swooped in to do the usual supernatural scrubbing of the media, local authorities, and any enchanted evidence.

Even after all that the monstrous metaphysical menace known as Jason Voorhees was still spotted in a ghostly form around the original Crystal Lake and other various lakes around the US.  Thankfully they were nothing more than harmless sightings with occasional brief interactions with the surrounding environment that include sulfurous stinks, cold spots, light flickering, movement of small objects, and other common elements of a haunting. This increased paranormal activity usually coincided with spikes in solar radiation or some other electromagnetic radiation source.  Clearly, the ghost of Jason was powered down, and probably without his demon foster parent.  So as long as he remained that way he wouldn’t be able to return in a biological form.

Unfortunately, the three Friday The 13th’s of 2015 emboldened The Jason Voorhees Cult and its dark practitioners of magic. On Friday, November 13th, 2015 Jason was resurrected by this motley crew of malevolent magicians! You can read the entire sorted tale of terror on our Paranormal News blog. Since then his reign of bloody terror has resumed as he continues to allude paranormal crime fighters and the US Paranormal Defense Agency! He is far more powerful than he’s ever been and no longer will teens and other novices have any chance of taking down the Jason juggernaut! It will take an experienced team of supernatural warriors such as those of us here at Mystic Investigations.

So It Seems Jason Will Live On Hundreds Of Years From Now!
Jason X, the movie portraying Jason in the year 2455, is loosely based on the premonitions of a psychic after she touched Jason’s corpse.  At some point in the future the US Paranormal Defense Agency finally gets their hands on Jason, and after their studies are exhausted they put him into deep freeze storage. The cryogenically frozen Jason is effectively forgotten in a deep underground warehouse. The facility itself gets lost in red tape among countless miles of underground warehouse caverns full of items the US government has squirreled away over the centuries.  Finally, in the 26th century, the warehouse was re-discovered by Earth’s future interstellar government.  Since Jason’s cryo-container was marked as a dangerous bio-hazard of unknown origin he was loaded on a spacecraft to be studied at a deep space outpost.  The vast majority of the crew was brutally slain by the accidentally revived Jason.  He was eventually stopped by a sapient android identifying as a female.

Unfortunately, his nearly destroyed body was sealed inside a damaged medical healing bay where escaped malfunctioning nanobots rebuilt him into a zombified demonic cyborg menace!  Bionic Jason quickly dispatched the rest of the crew, including the android, with ease in his new indestructible body. No more rotting body for him as the nanobots perpetually heal him thereby guaranteeing his immortality. The ship continued on autopilot to the deep space station orbiting a research planet.  Jason ended up destroying the station and plummeted down to the planet where he proceeded to continue his interstellar serial killing spree! With his cyborg enhanced intellect, he alluded capture and hijacked ships to other worlds and space stations. In his wake, he left a bloodbath like nothing seen in the recent history of future peace.  It was several years before a joint military force of humans, androids, cyborgs, and extraterrestrials managed to finally kill Jason! Although Jason’s body was completely disintegrated by laser gunfire rumor has it that his consciousness downloaded into a computer, and now he haunts the interstellar internet as a cyber-demon.  So it seems that Jason may be a plague on humanity for the foreseeable future! [Twitter]

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What Is The Friday The 13th Demon Specter?

Friday The 13th Demon SpecterThe seriously sinister Friday The 13th Demon Specter was thought to be a former human whose life was drenched in evil. He was most likely a Warlock. Upon death, he literally begged to become a Demon in the blasphemous bowels of Hell! Indeed his misguided dream came true and he was on the fast track of eternal servitude to the Devil. However, it seems he had a difference of opinion with his new master and how he ruled over the demonic denizens of darkness. He was cast from Hell thereby losing the bulk of his demonic status. Normally in such cases, a low-level demon would merely languish in the Underworld begging to be in the good graces of Dark Gods and Goddesses. In the case of the sinister Specter, he chose to chart his own path and found his a power base in Friday The 13th.

For reasons unknown, the Demon Specter doesn’t go by anything except his generic name. His human and former demon name are shrouded in mystery. Hell does make a point of hiding the identities of demons who are of human origin. Often to prevent any interference from time travelers, angels, or possibly living ancestors who might revive some humanity within them. Even after leaving Hell this identity cloaking spell was kept intact for the Demon Specter. Especially since he does perpetuate evil even if not on the Devil’s terms. Satan is reasonable in that way.

It’s thought Friday The 13th held some significance in the Demon Specter’s human life Most likely some tragedy tore away his last shred of humanity on that darkest of days! He most certainly died on that day as well. He realized the malevolent metaphysical energies that reside in Paraskevidekatriaphobia, the fear of Friday The 13th, along with Triskaidekaphobia, fear of the number 13 itself. Energies of fear, dark luck, and despair he could feed upon to increase his paranormal power base for an unknown end game of evil. A number of demons, poltergeists, dark spirits, practitioners of magic, and supernatural beings like Jason Voorhees feed off of the Friday The 13th frights. Still, the seriously sinister Specter became the master of that ferocious Friday.

The Friday The 13th Demon Specter developed an intricate ritual to concentrate and maximize the siphoning of Friday The 13th’s evil energies. A terrifying technique that allows him to directly access the very sub-conscious spirit of that day within the human collective consciousness. A spirit somewhat similar, yet the opposite, of the Spirit Of Christmas or Spirit Of Halloween. The Dark Spirit Of Friday The 13th flows through the Specter giving him his smokey skeleton headed form complete with trademark glowing eyes of eerie crimson!

He can only take physical form on Friday The 13th but dwells metaphysically all year round staking out victims and relishing in all evil he can find on Earth! His sacred power ritual is oddly specific and may indicate he’s bound by a more powerful force.  For whatever reason, he does not directly physically harm people unless attacked. At precisely the Midnight Witching Hour on Friday The 13th in exactly 13 time zones on Earth, thirteen unlucky victims get the displeasure of meeting this horrifying specter.  He tends to emotionally feed off people with the greatest fears of Friday The 13th, and the number 13 in general.  However, he feeds off other fears as well, and will often target those with weaker minds. He sometimes goes after those with borderline personalities and pushes them over the edge into evil. He is responsible for the formation of several serial killers!  Thankfully the magic of innocence children enjoy repels this despicable demon. So parents can rest easy as their younger children sleep snug in their beds. Teens may, however, be susceptible to the Specters mental games.

As the clock strikes 12:00 AM on Friday The 13th the sinuous specter generally rises from the floor of the victim’s bedroom in a frightening fog of failed fortune. He takes shape as a black billowy being of bizarre smoke with a skull-shaped head complete with eerily large lit red eyes.  He slithers along the floor making something that sounds like a low hissing sound. The diabolical demon ascends up onto the sleeping individuals bed with his hideous face aligned with theirs as his sickening smoke encapsulates them.  He then proceeds to literally feed off the dark energy of one’s fears, and anxieties.  Generally, the person is in REM dream sleep or the demon sends them into it.  Once there he torments his victims in a series of horrendous nightmares unlike anything ever experienced by a normal human. He leaves his metaphysical mark in their minds!  As 1 AM approaches he descends back into the floor dissipating to non-corporeal form in order to teleport to his next unlucky pawn. From that night forth they will have bad luck for 13 years that may or may not kill them!  If they manage to survive that they will still have a lifetime of perpetual night terrors! They will never be the same person ever again!

The Apprehension And Imprisonment Of The Friday The 13th Specter!
The Demon’s reign of terror, spanning well over a century, finally came to an end on Friday, February 13th, 2015 amid Mystic Investigations trying to halt his heinous acts! Ultimately our resident witch and demi-mermaid Rebecca Abernathy called upon the Norse Goddess of Friday Frigga for aid in dispatching the demon. She fell short and her legendary husband Odin and their son Thor came to the rescue. Keep in mind this isn’t like the Marvel movies. These are actual higher dimensional Gods rather than extraterrestrials with advanced technology that appears to be magic. The Specter wasn’t eradicated but was instead banished to the Norse Underworld under the watchful eye of Hel, daughter of the Norse God Loki. She presides over the Norse Hell dimension within the general Underworld. To this day the Friday The 13th Demon Specter is permanently imprisoned with little hope of escape. Plausibly his only chance would be during full out war amid Armageddon when all the Norse and other Earthly Gods would have to be on deck to battle demons and possibly even Angels for domination of the Earth! The entire titanic tale of the Specters last hours can be found on our Supernatural Stories Blog.

Jason Voorhees Takes Manhattan On Friday The 13th

Manhattanhenge , or the Manhattan Solstice, is the beautiful biannual alignment of the sunset with the monolithic buildings of New York City. This years enchanted event will take place on Thursday, July 12, 8:20 p.m. and Friday, July 13, 8:21 p.m Eastern Daylight Time. The Thursday evening spectacle brings about the standard metaphysical mayhem of ghost, poltergeists, dark spirits, and more!  For more information please read our past paranormal forecasts for Manhattanhenge. Despite this the true danger lies on Friday The 13th as the metaphysical energies mingle with the dark luck of that day! A dark day in which Jason Voorhees will venture forth from his forested home to walk among the skyscrapers! Read The Rest Of This Developing Supernatural Story On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast Blog…