The Demi-Angel Santa Claus Faces Mortal Trial On Saint Nick’s Day!

Saint NicholasDecember 6th is Saint Nicholas Day! A time to celebrate Santa Claus’s 73 human like years on Earth between 270-343 AD.  During those years he was known as Nicholas Of Myra. St Nick’s Day is also a celebration of Santa’s resurrection from death. Despite being born a Demi-Angel, or Angel-Human Hybrid, his true power was suppressed so he could lead one normal human life.  This is the requirement to be a Demi-Angel upon this Earth.  The Heavenly suppression of his Angelic powers is why he aged to 73 years before being mercilessly slain by his dark twin Demi-Demon brother Claude Claus.  Claude officially become the Anti-Claus when he murdered Old Saint Nick, and the last of his Angelic DNA degraded to that of Demonic on December 6th.  Saint Nicholas was resurrected as the mighty Father Of Christmas Santa Claus who is known to be the most powerful supernatural being on this planet!  Even though he has the power to revert his biological form to a younger looking status he chooses to remain as the image of his seventy something self.  Of course he’s an extremely healthy, and gleeful glowing looking senior citizen with a muscular physique! Read The Rest Of The Story On Our Mystic Christmas Blog…

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