How Do You Get To Santa’s North Pole City?

Teleportation into North Pole City was banned in the early 20th century as an ever increasing amount of people in the paranormal world became aware of Santa Claus’s existence. The threat of unauthorized incursions by magical forces of darkness became a very real concern! Not long before this, there were a handful of incidents that took place prompting Santa to take this action for the safety of all within the glittering ice walls of his sainted city. Of course, those with teleportation skills may appear near the city and then enter on foot if they have the ability to locate it along with being judged metaphysically worthy to enter. Most of us in the supernatural community fly to the North Pole by run of the mill jets. In some cases, Santa might send out flying reindeer sleigh taxis to various VIP’s. All air traffic usually lands at Saint Nicholas International Airport with its multiple runways.

Icebreaker boats are another option for sailing into the Arctic Ocean. From there one must see the mystical Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Light House as they make their way through the Ice Labyrinth to The North Pole Port. Others actually take sophisticated submarines popping up into North Pole or Frosty Port. There was talk of banning subs after the Russian Incident in the mid-2000’s! Then there’s the fabled train known as the Polar Express. This mystical invisible train riding upon a cloaked track has a limited schedule due to the danger of it being hijacked by nefarious forces of darkness.  It lies out of phase with our reality most of the time with the cooperation of Goddess Gaia. Other than holy temples it is one of the few structures outside of Mother Nature you’ll see in the Paradise Plane. A holy paradise that surrounds all of us unseen! A place where nature Goddesses, Nymphs, Fairies, and extinct animals live forever! Santa’s railroad built by Elves can be found on all continents except for Antarctica.

Are There Roads To Santa Claus’s Winter Wonderland?

Before modern transport, it was quite difficult for most to travel to North Pole City. Especially if they didn’t have magical means. So Santa Claus and his Elf Construction Crew built a series of streets. Each continent contains roadways that travel directly to the North Pole. Even Australia and the South Pole contain these magically cloaked roads that travel over oceans via magnificent gleaming bridges. Interestingly enough our world is covered by invisible magnificent structures out of phase with our reality that was built by Elves other than Santa’s. Elves have always lived to build, repair, and clean everything in sight! Read The Rest On Our Christmas Blog…

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