What Is A Rainbow Nymph?

Rainbow NymphA Rainbow Nymph is a low level localized nature deity above that of Fairy yet below a Goddess.  They are beings of pure light energy who are in non-corporeal form most of the time.  Although they sometimes muster the power to appear in a physical form, or even biological form if a human interests them.  In some cases they’re intent is to hide among humans due to some supernatural threat. A Rainbow Nymph’s job is to paint an arc in the sky ablaze with the holy light of the iridescent rainbow.  They usually work in concert with other weather nymphs such as those who orchestrate local rain showers.  Sometimes they do it for the mere creativity of it but usually the Rainbow Goddess Iris directs them to do so.

Rainbow Goddess Iris is the messenger of the Gods, and what better way to send supernatural messages than via light energy which is the fundamental information storage for the Universe.  Such rainbows, whether visible to humans or not, send a message not only to Gods, and Goddesses but also to various paranormal beings on Earth.  Those of us in the paranormal investigations game will sometimes employ Rainbow Readers, who are usually witches, to decipher these supernatural messages.

Rainbow Nymphs are often deeply art oriented human witches who earned favor with Mother Nature, Goddess Iris, or some other Goddess.  Instead of going to the first level of Heaven in the 5th dimension their first Afterlife level is here on Earth in the form of a Rainbow Nymph.  Such Nymphs are free to move on into the light to Heaven at anytime, or eventually ascend to the Earthly God’s own higher dimensional Heaven. Really though most nature deities consider themselves in the Heaven of Mother Nature’s Paradise Plane.  An Earthly afterlife for various supernatural entities, animals, and plants.  There Rainbow Nymphs create a multitude of dazzling rainbows not only in the sky but also arcing among the wildlife as well.

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