The Pyrokinetic-Photokinetic Hybrid

BrimstoneThe blasphemous Brimstone, Sorcerer Of Darkness, and former apprentice of the current King Of Hell Sorcerer Dimitri Diablo, magically blasted through the glass entrance doors of Mystic Investigations headquarters.  Amid the flying shattering glass he violently vociferated,”Mystic Investigations release my protege, and I promise nobody will be harmed! Keep me waiting any longer, and you shall all surely die!” Through the Sorcerer’s remodeled front entrance six of his henchmen entered all armed with swords.  Brimstone, dressed in his ceremonial Sorcerers robe, ordered them to scatter, and find everyone.  Brimstone himself walked behind the Receptionists desk, and activated the intercom system broadcasting his demands once again. Read More Of This Story…

A Pyrokinetic-Photkinetic Hybrid is a rare human who generally inherited his powers from one parent having Pyrokinesis, fire manipulation powers, and another parent with Photokinesis, light manipulation powers. A Photo-Pyrokinetic or Pyro-Photokinetic has a wide away of individual fire, and light powers while also combining them for unique effects including creating a real life Fourth Of July fireworks show across the dark canvas of the night skies!

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