Are Gargoyles Supernatural?

Paranormal GargoyleGargoyles can be traced back to ancient Egypt over 4000 years ago along with prominent use in ancient Greece, and Rome.  They were grotesque looking statues attached to buildings depicting real animals, sometimes human like figures, and mostly Chimera’s, or hybrid creatures with wings.  Gargoyles were often used as rain spouts where the water run off from roofs exited the statues mouth.  Their generally grotesque appearance was also meant to scare off entities of evil along with possibly purifying the rainwater that drained through them.  In some cases they were merely ornamental elements of buildings.  Gargoyles gained prominence in the middle ages as protections against evil spirits for churches, and other buildings.  In some cases they were merely carved decorative figures, or rain drains with no supernatural significance. In other instances they were very real magical repellants of evil, or paranormal creatures frozen in stone.

Ancient Priests, and practitioners of magic blessed various gargoyles with the power to repel all manner of evil.  Their grotesque appearance meant to warn demonic forces, and other nefarious entities of the power they held.  Evil tends to fear greater evil rather then goodness hence the lack of gargoyle Angels.  Early gargoyles that appeared as winged Lions were mostly Manticores that escaped the Underworld, and were turned to stone by supernatural Sorcerers.  These creatures were not easily destroyed so transforming them to stone was a better option.  Especially considering that these vicious beasts were displayed as a warning to those who dare tread their paranormal darkness upon key strongholds of the human world.  Other cultures used magic to petrify a variety of dark Underworld creatures for the same purpose.  It was also implied that secret supernatural specialists called Gargoylmancers, a combination of Necromancers, and those with psychic stone manipulation powers, could awaken these beasts sending them off to do their bidding.  Another deterrent to the forces of evil.  However sometimes these Gargoylmancers would use their powers to perform evil deeds. Some Gargoyles were cursed humans damned to stone by Gargoylmancers, or other practitioners of magic.  Humans that may have been innocent or evil in nature.

In the middle ages some winged gargoyles that appeared somewhat like small dragons were in fact a race of sapient supernatural creatures from another dimension who called themselves the Alterumundum.  They were thought to be a sub-race of the Jinn, aka Genies. Perhaps with some demonic lineage as well along with an unknown race of metaphysical energy entities. This trans-dimensional menace sought to cleanse the planet of humankind, devour the energy of souls upon death, and have the power to open their dimension upon our Earth.  They could only possess Dragons who were nearly extinct at that time on Earth.  Most Alterumundum only had the power to possess Dragon Eggs that hatched baby dragons in whose bodies they became self aware.  These sapient dragons were somewhat misshapen by the birth possession.  Thankfully the brave men, and women of the metaphysical magical world tamed these beasts, and damned them to be gargoyles for all eternity.  For reasons not fully understood they could not be destroyed even by Gargoylmancers.  They could be initially pounded to dust but they always reformed.  Instead they were magically bound to buildings, and forced to protect them from evil.  Those who obeyed of their own free will were allowed to fly free at night to protect cities from evil. Others however willed themselves free at the Witching & Devil’s Hours of certain nights where celestial powers were aligned.  Then they would wreak havoc until turned to stone by the holy sunlight at dawn, or held at bay by the forces of goodness.

There is an elite group of Gargoyle Guards led by the handful of Gargoylmancers left on Earth.  Their job is to insure that the supernatural Gargoyles never have the power to free themselves, and reign terror upon our paranormal planet.  Certainly this will be a real threat during the war of Armageddon when the forces of darkness will be seeking out any, and all allies to wipe the light of justice from the Earth forever!  In addition the Gargoyle Guards investigate any report of a human, animal, or other entity cursed to stone by a practitioner of magic. A Gargoylmancer may be sent forth to free any innocents cursed to stone.

Personal Protection Micro Gargoyles

Sorcerers, Wizards, Warlocks, Witches, Stone Manipulators, and Gargoylmancers have been known to create small mystical gargoyles to keep in ones home, yard, or on ones person for protection against the forces of evil.  Some examples can be bought below.  Although it’s unknown if any of these were touched by magic.  However the spirit of the Gargoyle is intended, and a proper blessing could give them some limited protection abilities.

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