Are Unicorns Real?

Where Do Unicorns Come From And What Powers Do They Possess?
Gold Horned Unicorn prancing about a mystical field.Yes, Unicorns are in fact real but extremely rare in numbers!  The breathtakingly beautiful shy, and reserved creatures still gracefully trot about enchanted forests around the world. In their wondrous wake they leave a faint trail of iridescent rainbow colored sparkles on the ground behind them. This is said to be remnants of the metaphysical energy exchange that takes place when they ride rainbows to distant locations around the world. Unicorns are masters of stealth, and escaping nefarious Unicorn Hunters who seek the glory of a supernatural trophy along with accessing the magic imbued within all these sainted noble beasts.  They are one of the few immortal animals to roam this Earth. In addition, they are virtually invincible unless taken down in specific magical ways. However, they can be captured and contained.  Unfortunately, their free spirit literally begins to die at that point causing them to enter a perpetual coma within weeks!

Unicorns are very smart and rival the intelligence of gorillas and dolphins.  Telepathic and Zoopathic individuals have detected they have a telepathic language all their own. Unicorns look somewhat like a large pony but smaller than a huge horse.  They have a glossy ultra soft pure snow-white fur coat that slightly shimmers with gold sparkles in full sunlight and slightly glows white in full moonlight.  Even after rolling in mud their silky soft fur gleams bright white! Their eyes are of a brilliant emerald or sapphire color which gleefully glows in the darkness.  At other times, day or night, they may manifest a glittering gold or wonderous white ocular illumination. Their mane and tail hair is sought after as the softest and most luxurious material on Earth. In addition to creating royal clothing, and furnishings, the hair, and their fur are used in various magical potions, and spells.  Unicorns, of course, have the trademark slender spiraling horn protruding from their forehead that’s of varying length depending on age.  The maximum length is generally two feet.  It can be bright white in younger Unicorns, and a glistening gold in older ones.

Their horn is called an Alicorn and is said to be the source of their magic due to it being the point at which its creator blessed it holy. Interestingly enough Alicorn is the name of a Unicorn Magicfabled Unicorn-Pegasus Hybrid. In essence a winged Unicorn. Ancient humans actively sought after Unicorn horns for use in elixirs of youth, and remedies for diseases.  In particular, it was able to purify water and neutralize poisons when crushed into powdered form.  Some even forged goblets from Alicorns, and anything poured into the holy vessel was made pure.  Theoretically, even water full of toxic waste would be transformed into 100% pure drinking water.  Luckily the Alicorn grows back but unfortunately, many Unicorns were hunted down thousands of years ago by evil Wizards, Sorcerers, and Warlocks.  That’s why there are so few today despite their procreation ability.  Procreation that can only take place where the Sun, Moon, and Rainbow meets. Clearly, that’s something that doesn’t happen that often.

Unicorns are the only known animal to be created directly by God, aka the Omniverse God.  They are somewhat related to the Pegasus, winged flying horse, which was one of the only known animals created directly by Archangels.  In fact, Unicorns can procreate with Pegasus’s to form the ultra-rare flying Unicorn-Pegasus Hybrid which actually has the power to fly into outer space, and into the higher dimensions up to Heaven itself.  Most other animals on Earth were created indirectly through the evolutionary programming process whose paranormal programmers included Goddess Gaia Mother Earth.  It’s unknown why God created the mystical Unicorns who bring about good luck and possess magical properties.  Simply spotting a Unicorn will bring you general good luck over a lifetime.  However, it won’t guarantee nothing bad will ever happen to you.  Certainly, you will be invincible for at least a week.  The closer you get to the animal the more luck will be imbued upon you.  Actually touching a Unicorn will provide the maximum good luck possible.  If a Unicorn allows you to ride him, or her, then it’s assured you’re a sainted soul with a road of good fortune lying ahead of you.

Generally, only a virgin can ride, tame and contain a Unicorn.  However, holding a Unicorn for too long in captivity will garner bad luck even if the Unicorn wants to remain with you.   If you save a Unicorns life he or she will return at a key point in the future to grant one wish. It will read it from your mind without you even asking.  In addition, Unicorn blood has mystical properties.  Vampires ingesting the silvery glittering blood will become invincible, and immune to all magics.  That is if they can get close enough to the creature since it’s holy nature repels the forces of darkness.  The same goes for Werewolves who would also gain the added gift of immortality.  This power even stretches to humans.  The blood of the Unicorn is one of the most sought after supernatural blood on Earth!  A human drinking it would possibly have the power to take over the planet for all eternity!  Although drinking Unicorn blood is considered a blasphemous act unless the Unicorn itself gives the blessing. It’s rumored the prophesized Neutral Christ may drink of willingly donated Unicorn Blood in order to win Earth for humankind!

Unicorns and rainbows go hand in hand.  They, their legendary Leprechaun friends, Rainbow Nymphs & Fairies, and a handful of other supernatural entities are the only ones who can actually ride a rainbow.  In reality, rainbow light energizes a Unicorns immortal powers since they don’t require food.  However, they do need to drink pure holy water.  They get some of that water from rainbow vapor but most is created when they dip their Alicorn into water to purify it for their consumption.  So Unicorns often live near rainbows and traverse the global rainbow network as a way to quickly get where they want to go.  Often times they just enjoy exploring the planet.  One of the few creatures they regularly communicate with are the Leprechauns who share with them the magic of good luck.  Once in a blue moon, a Leprechaun will be seen riding a Unicorn.  If you spot this most rarest of sights you will gain instant immortality with an eternity of good luck.  Leprechauns only trust Unicorns to know the location of their pots of gold at the end of the rainbows.  However, they have no choice since a Unicorn will always find it.  Unicorns can occasionally create their own rainbows when fully powered up.  Yet most of the time they rely on Leprechauns, and Rainbow Nature Deities to lend a helping hand.

All Unicorns are innocent, and 100% good just as most animals are.  However, they’re one of the most peaceful beings to walk this Earth and are considered one of the few animal saints by the Archangels.  All are considered holy in the eyes of God, and should they die it’s assured the noble beasts will ascend to Heaven where they shall live among the Angels for all eternity!    Although, they usually make a stop in the Paradise Plane to live out a few centuries before moving on to the higher Heavenly dimensions.  Some say they are virtually the only animals who will ascend to sapient being status thereby becoming Angels! There’s even the potential of ascension to Godhood of their own Universes!

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Interesting Fact: The National Animal Of Scotland Is The Unicorn

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The Fall Fairy Unicorn

The rare Fall Fairy Unicorn is in fact a micro sized Unicorn that usually doesn’t grow more than six inches long. It’s a product of Fairy magic interacting with full size standard Unicorns.  Fall Fairies under the guidance of Autumn Nymphs created this cute Lilliputian Unicorn species to aid in their Autumnal duties. The little gleaming white work horses trot about the forest with enchanted enjoyment directing fallen foliage toward Autumn Elves hard at work raking leaves into pretty piles. In some cases their artistic side swirls leaves into a kaleidoscope of pleasant patterns.

When Fall Fairies are tired of flying they will often ride aloft the Fall Fairy Unicorn. ThisAutumn Rainbow includes riding micro-rainbows courtesy of the Lil’ Unicorns light manipulation abilities. These mini-rainbows can be used for fast distant transportation, and mystical communication along with directing sunlight to highlight the iridescent colors of certain leaves. In some cases Rainbow Fairies may work with the Fall Fairy Unicorns to manifest larger rainbows in the greater breathtaking Autumnal landscape.

Some Leprechauns have been known to develop a special kinship with Fall Fairy Unicorns, and they become inseparable sidekicks traveling the world spreading good luck, and radiant rainbows together. Such cautious Leprechauns prefer hiding a few coins at the end of diminutive rainbows rather than risking their whole pot of gold at the end of a huge one. Of course these gentle Unicorns are always kind enough to ask their Fairy friends for their blessing before setting off on a Leprechaun quest. Unfortunately Leprechauns aren’t small enough to ride these petite Unicorns. So you won’t gain eternal life, and luck by the mere wondrous witness of such a sweet sight!

Mr. Goddard's Menagerie

What Do Rainbows Taste Like?

Mystical RainbowWould you believe rainbows in fact taste something like Skittles hard candy?  Paranormal researchers have spent over three decades looking for the answer to this question via painstaking field study, and lab analysis.  They’ve located Leprechauns, Clurichauns, Unicorns, Rainbow Nymphs, and Fairies along with the handful of other paranormal beings that can actually taste a rainbow.  Naturally these various creatures are very secretive, and hard to get in contact with.  Usually offering a Leprechaun some gold gets them to agree to an interview with a paranormal investigator.  Unicorns are more difficult, and require the presence of special psychic mind readers since they don’t speak.  Nymphs, and Fairies are often lured in by extremely handsome human men, and beyond alluring women. Clurichauns can be tricked into thinking you want to make a dark deal with them.

After nearly 30 years of extensive metaphysical research the supernatural science wizards finallySkittles narrowed the potential tastes down, and fed Skittles to the various beings at their disposal. The supernatural creatures verified that the chewy candy was the closest thing to rainbow flavor.  Basically a pleasant sugary sweet citrus orange lemon lime kind of taste with a hint of strawberry, and grape.  So in fact the good folks down at Skittles are correct when they say “Taste The Rainbow”.  We’re not sure if they have a window into the world of the supernatural? Perhaps they have a Leprechaun consultant working on staff?!?