Who Is The Parallel Pretender?

The Parallel Pretender, also known as Mrs. Folger, is the most prolific person of a non-magical sort when it comes to blending into any environment and situation. Second only to The Chameleon who is the greatest known Shape Shifter of modern times. Her unique supernatural abilities and criminal history earned her the number 10 place on The Paranormal Most Wanted List. Little is known about Mrs. Folger including her first name and early history. Trace DNA blood evidence indicates she is a human female in her late 40’s. Witnesses in her presence claim she tells various versions of a story involving the unjust death of her husband Mr. Folger in an explosion perpetrated by his enemies. This event set off her life as a globe-trotting criminal. Being near the explosion itself may have had a hand in activating her latent genetic power of Sub-Conscious Parallel HyperTelepathy thus making her one of the smartest people on Earth!

The Parallel Pretender is a master of disguise and false identities. Her calm yet assertive demeanor and charisma complement her skill set of insinuating herself into any given scenario. Lately, she has shown hints of rudimentary telepathic powers that involve reading simple thoughts. She also has more advanced empathic abilities to read a full array of emotions when playing a mark for one of her elaborate ruses. Her greatest asset of Parallel HyperTelepathy is at the sub-conscious level and only works on herself. The power allows telepathy, or communication between minds, into the past and future along with Parallel Universes! In her case, the sub-conscious is only reading the minds of her Parallel Universe selves past and future based on her conscious wishes. There are no messages being sent or direct conscious access.

Since all of us have experienced everything in some parallel reality our five-dimensional soul knows everything in this Multiverse. Mrs. Folger is able to access this vast storehouse of information to put herself in any role and also make a ton of money! For instance, without any medical experience, she once performed exquisitely perfect brain surgery. Of course, the purpose was to give one of her victims a lobotomy! Since she can see the future she is also able to stay several steps ahead of anyone coming after her. This is what makes her so elusive to the US Paranormal Defense Agency, law enforcement around the world, and private paranormal bounty hunters.

Mrs. Folger doesn’t appear to be inherently evil and even ends up helping people when she takes down filthy fiends out of some need for justice linked to her husband’s death. She has stolen a lot of money from the wealthy elites and corporations along with giving said riches to people in need. However, if anyone gets in her way she has no issue with taking them out at a moments notice! The current King Of Hell Dimitri Diablo attempted to recruit her into his inner circle but she blatantly rejected him. Amazingly he didn’t destroy her! In the paranormal community, she hasn’t hesitated to exploit supernatural resources and oppose those of us who collide with her perplexing plots. We don’t know her end game but she is considered armed and extremely dangerous! If an amazingly intelligent woman with beauty and charm has entered your life look upon her with a suspect eye for she could be The Parallel Pretender!

What Is Michael Myers, And Is He Real?

Are the Halloween Movies Based On A True Story?
Halloween's Michael MyersMichael Myers is one of the most prolific supernatural serial killers in motion picture history! After conducting a thorough paranormal investigation we have discovered the shocking truth that a deranged superhuman serial killer exists which was the basis for the Halloween films.  As is the case with many supernatural occurrences the government covers up the truth and suppresses any media from reporting on the facts for many reasons including the prevention of public panic. Virtually all evidence related to the real Michael Myers has vanished into thin air!

The serial killers true name was Stanley Stiers (Born In 1912) and much of his original killing spree took place in 1920’s Iowa rather than 1970’s Illinois. Quite a bit of the “Halloween” franchise was fictional for the most part.  Particularly the explanation for his seemingly supernatural strength, endurance, and stealth along with his refusal to die. Halloween 6 seems to indicate that his powers are the result of some Druid Curse Of Thorn.

In reality, Stanley’s dark journey into living diabolical damnation began as a child deeply abused by both his drunken parents after they found out he was not their biological child.  Their real child was taken home by another couple, and all three died in a car crash on the way home from the hospital.  It was found out later a malevolent nurse would switch babies in the nursery just for sick kicks. The nurse was in jail for a time but once she got out she was later killed by Stanley. Stan’s abusive adopted parents had another baby.  A girl named Susie who they purposely treated like a princess.  She later became abusive toward Stanley as well.

On Halloween eve 1923 11-year-old Stanley was told once again he would not be allowed to trick o treat the next night.  For his entire childhood, he was not allowed to trick o treat yet his sister was. Hours after his sister got home from a Halloween party Stanley finally snapped at Midnight, whipped out a butcher knife, and took down everyone in the house including the family dog Mr.Snookers. Snookers was known as the terror of the neighborhood so Stanley did everyone a favor on that front.  It’s unknown what Stiers did for most of that Halloween day but at night he finally went trick o treating for the first time.  Amid the costumed chaos, he killed a number of his bullying classmates.  Some much older, and bigger than him as well.  In one instance he invaded the home of a classmate taking out the entire family single-handedly. Survivors say he had superhuman strength as he tossed full grown men around like rag dolls before impaling them with his big butcher knife.  Stan was captured at sunrise the next day when he was found gleefully eating candy on a swing at the school playground.  Federal agents promptly swooped in to scurry him away to a secret mental institution for further study while suppressing all records of the Halloween night events.

The government wanted to figure out what could cause a kid to commit such heinous Crazy Mikey Myersacts with such ferocious power!  Plenty of kids had been horrifically abused but none had done anything remotely like Stanley at the time.  For 13 years they looked into what made him tick.  Demonic possession was immediately ruled out.  After being a paranormal lab rat there was no evidence of the supernatural.  Then on Halloween night 1936 at the age of 24, he snapped again when some orderlies harassed him.  He repaid their idiocy by snapping their necks.  At 6′ 4″ weighing in at 260 pounds his supernatural strength now made more sense.  However, his strength was even more phenomenal culminating in the parking lot where he lifted a car above his head to take out some Federal agents standing in his way. And that was after they blasted him with several rounds of bullets!

Stanley was never re-captured, and reports of his continued murders still pop up across the country.  Ones as recently as Halloween 2013 in Mexico City and in 2017 in Palo Alto, California. Stiers apparently will only travel on foot, and all his slayings have been on North American soil.  Clearly, at age 106 he should not be able to be such a hellish killing machine. This indicates he is immortal if the fact that nobody can kill him wasn’t evidence enough.  Government agents of the US Paranormal Defense Agency have been pursuing him since their inception in the late 70’s.  They consider him number nine on their Top Ten Most Wanted ListSorcerer Dimitri Diablo, Halloween Queen Shala, Santa Claus, and Slender Man are on that list as well. We have no idea why they put Santa, and Shala on there. They haven’t done anything wrong!

What Manner Of Supernatural Being Is Stanley?
Stanley is not any type of supernatural being we can identify.  Most likely he could be classified as a Soulless Superhuman. We believe his mind descended so far into the depth’s of dark deranged despair that his sub-conscious cut his mind off from his higher dimensional soul.  There is actually evidence that the sub-conscious connection to one’s soul acts as a control mechanism so humans aren’t able to access the full potential of mind over matter. Mind over matter comes from our sentient minds interacting with the pure non-corporeal conscious matrix of our reality.  Stiers free of this constraint can carry forth his mindless mission of Halloween killing sprees for all eternity as he wills his body to survive every attack including the aging process.  It’s unknown where he is for the other 364 days of the year.

The Complete Halloween Michael Myers Movie Collection

It’s been suggested that he might believe he only has super serial killing powers on Halloween. Therefore doesn’t attempt anything on the other days.  He may very well just lie in a bed, or grave dormant for most of the year.  Or he could be the guy serving you your nachos at the local Taco Bell.  Various psychics, mystics, seers, and others with second sight can only get a general fix on him on Halloween.  The rest of the year he’s somehow mystically cloaked. This is one reason the government has been unable to capture him thus far.  Mystic Investigations had heard rumors about Stanley Stiers for years but didn’t know the full extent of his story until our investigation.  If we were to run into him we’re confident we could capture, and contain him.  Perhaps even reconnect his soul with his mind.  Then utilize paranormal psychological techniques to bring back his sanity, and humanity. Of course, before being rehabilitated he might hyper-age and turn to ash! [Twitter]

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