What Is Michael Myers, And Is He Real?

Are the Halloween Movies Based On A True Story?
Halloween's Michael MyersMichael Myers is one of the most prolific supernatural serial killers in motion picture history.  After conducting a thorough paranormal investigation we have discovered the shocking truth that a deranged superhuman serial killer exists which was the basis for the Halloween films.  As is the case with many supernatural occurrences the government covers up the truth, and suppresses any media from reporting on the facts for many reasons including the prevention of public panic. Virtually all evidence related to the real Michael Myers has vanished into thin air!

The serial killers true name was Stanley Stiers and much of his original killing spree took place in 1920’s Iowa rather than 1970’s Illinois. Quite a bit of the “Halloween” franchise was fictional for the most part.  Particularly the explanation for his seemingly supernatural strength, endurance, and stealth along with his refusal to die. Halloween 6 seems to indicate that his powers are the result of some Druid Curse Of Thorn.

In reality Stanley’s dark journey into living diabolical damnation began as a child deeply abused by both his often drunk parents after they found out he was not their biological child.  Their real child was taken home by another couple, and all three died in a car crash on the way home from the hospital.  It was found out later a malevolent nurse would switch babies in the nursery just for kicks.  The nurse was in jail for a time but once she got out she was later killed by Stanley.  Stan’s abusive adopted parents had another baby.  A girl named Susie who they purposely treated like a princess.  She later became abusive toward Stanley as well.

On Halloween eve 1923 11 year old Stanley was told once again he would not be allowed to trick o treat the next night.  For his entire childhood he was not allowed to trick o treat yet his sister was. Hours after his sister got home from a Halloween party Stanley finally snapped at Midnight, whipped out a butcher knife, and took down everyone in the house including the family dog Mr.Snookers who was known as the terror of the neighborhood.  It’s unknown what Stiers did for most of Halloween day but that night he went trick o treating for the first time.  Amid the costumed chaos he killed a number of his bullying classmates.  Some much older, and bigger than him as well.  In one instance he invaded the home of a classmate taking out the entire family single handedly. Survivors say he had superhuman strength as he tossed full grown men around like rag dolls before impaling them with his big butcher knife.  Stan was captured at sunrise the next day when he was found gleefully eating candy on a swing at the school playground.  Federal agents promptly swooped in to scurry him away to a secret mental institution for further study while suppressing all records of the Halloween night events.

The government wanted to figure out what could cause a kid to commit such heinous Crazy Mikey Myersacts.  Plenty of kids had been horrifically abused but none had done anything remotely like Stanley at the time.  For 13 years they looked into what made him tick.  Demonic possession was immediately ruled out.  After being a paranormal lab rat there was no evidence of the supernatural.  Then on Halloween night 1936 at the age of 24 he snapped again when some orderlies harassed him.  He repaid their idiocy by snapping their necks.  At 6′ 4″ weighing in at 260 pounds his supernatural strength made more sense.  However now his strength was even more phenomenal culminating in the parking lot where he lifted a car above his head to take out some Federal agents standing in his way. And that was after they blasted him with several rounds of bullets.

Stanley was never re-captured, and reports of his continued murders still pop up across the country.  One as recently as Halloween 2013 in Mexico City.  Stiers apparently will only travel on foot, and all his slayings have been on North American soil.  Clearly at age 102 he should not be able to be such a hellish killing machine.  This indicates he is immortal if the fact that nobody can kill him wasn’t evidence enough.  Government agents of the US Paranormal Defense Agency have been pursuing him since their inception in the late 70’s.  They consider him number nine on their Top Ten Most Wanted ListSorcerer Dimitri Diablo, Halloween Queen Shala, Santa Claus, and Slender Man are on that list as well. We have no idea why they put Santa, and Shala on there.  They haven’t done anything wrong!

What Manner Of Supernatural Being Is Stanley?
Stanley is not any type of supernatural being we can identify.  Most likely he could be classified as a Soulless Superhuman. We believe his mind descended so far into the depth’s of dark deranged despair that his sub-conscious cut his mind off from his higher dimensional soul.  There is actually evidence that the sub-conscious connection to ones soul acts as a control mechanism so humans aren’t able to access the full potential of mind over matter.  Mind over matter comes from our sentient minds interacting with the pure thought matrix of our reality.  Stiers free of this constraint can carry forth his mindless mission of Halloween killing sprees for all eternity as he wills his body to survive every attack including the aging process.  It’s unknown where he is for the other 364 days of the year.

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It’s been suggested that he might believe he only has super serial killing powers on Halloween, and therefore doesn’t attempt anything on the other days.  He may very well just lie in a bed, or grave dormant for most of the year.  Or he could be the guy serving you your nachos at the local Taco Bell.  Various psychics, mystics, seers, and others with second sight can only get a general fix on him on Halloween.  The rest of the year he’s somehow mystically cloaked. This is one reason the government has been unable to capture him thus far.  Mystic Investigations had heard rumors about Stanley Stiers for years but didn’t know the full extent of his story until our investigation.  If we were to run into him we’re confident we could capture, and contain him.  Perhaps even reconnect his soul to his mind.  Then utilize paranormal psychological techniques to bring back his sanity, and humanity. [Twitter]

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Who Is The Plague Doctor?

The Black Death, also known as The Plague or Bubonic Plague, was the most deadly pandemic in human history.  The devastation of the disease peaked in mid 14th century Europe, and took the lives of up to 200 million people.  Some say the Black Plague was one of the first biological warfare experiments gone horribly wrong.  There are also rumors of supernatural origins.  During these deeply diseased Medieval times there were special doctors known as plague doctors who were tasked with treating deadly plague ridden patients.  They were mainly second rate doctors who were in essence signing up for a death sentence since most of them died while in service to the community.  They wore the distinctive bird beak masks you see in the photos on this page.  These masks were meant to protect them from putrid air which was seen as the cause of diseases.  They would often place aromatic items within the beak to supposedly filter out contaminants in the air.

Most of these plague doctors, throughout the various plagues of the many centuries Black Death Spirit Mortimerpreceding the 19th, died from the deadly contagions in service to society under the direction of their locality.  A rare few lived long enough to die from some other medical condition, injury, or old age.  One however never died.  His name was Dr. Darius Maximilian. Dr. Darius Death, as he later became known, was born on Friday, April 13th, 1313 in Rome, Italy.  He was a Doctor who often took delight in butcher like amputations which were usually unnecessary.  He also relished in performing insane medical experiments on unsuspecting patients he lulled into submission via his handsome exterior, and charismatic persona!  Later in life he became enamored with the exponentially destructive power of contagious diseases.  Not surprisingly he was a serial killer who reveled in the sheer spectacle of horrific types of death.  Rather than help treat patients he actually spread the sickness whenever possible.  We’re not saying he was solely responsible for making the Plague pandemic the worst in history since he was only human at the time as far as we can tell.  However he sure helped it along wherever he would travel.  Unlike the other Plague Doctors who stayed within their local area he traveled about Europe.  Somehow he never caught the deadly diseases he was exposed to, and there was a point where he didn’t care about getting paid in money by the city.  His payment was the human suffering he witnessed with wayward glee!

Slowly but surely he began subsisting off the pure dark metaphysical energy of human fear, misery, and death that run rampant throughout Europe. Day by day he inadvertently began eating less food as the energy sustained him. He soon realized that he was acquiring paranormal power by soaking up the very essence of tragedy, and that his aging process began stabilizing throughout this macabre process.  The demented Doctor Of Death realized the fountain of youth, and immortality were his for the taking thanks to the despicable gift of death forced upon another against their will.  Really though it’s thought that purely by accident he tapped into a sub-conscious mental process similar to that found in a Ghoul yet minus the cannibalism of dead human flesh. There was a point where he ceased being human, and became a self made supernatural entity known as the nefarious Plague Doctor.  In essence a Dark Immortal with enough negative spiritual energy surging through him to alter his biology so he absorbed all manner of disease becoming an Asymptomatic Carrier without suffering from symptoms.  A dream come true for this sadistic bastard!

There is anecdotal evidence that his journey may not have been entirely self-created. There is some suggestion that the aromatic items he placed in his beak mask might have been of magical origin. A gift from a dark practitioner of magic who saw promise in him.  It’s the said the mask may provide some level of protection if he’s ever weakened. We do know at some time he began worshiping Pestilence, one of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse.  A witness lived to tell the tale of how he sacrificed healthy people on an altar by infecting them with deadly biological toxins as he prayed for Pestilence to arrive on Earth.  Naturally the evil exploits perpetuated by the Plague Doctor yielded great admiration from the deadliest of The Four Horsemen.  Death himself!  To this day he continues to bow before the altars of both Death, and Pestilence granting him further power, and paranormal protections! In turn his undying loyalty, and human sacrifices grant them the power of more souls making them stronger for upcoming apocalypses!

The Plague Doctors Powers
The Plague Doctors powers of course include his eternal Dark Immortal status. Dark Immortality is a conditional lack of aging that requires a continuous influx of dark metaphysical energy by various despicable means. This enchanted energy also affords him superhuman strength, speed, agility, and enhanced senses at varying levels dependent on said energy levels. Generally he’s at his height of power after his ritual sacrifices to his precious Pestilence, and Death!  It’s said during these times his eyes may glow a toxic brown color.  The staff he almost always carries with him may be a mobile Altar to his dark deities. It’s the original staff he had from the dark ages with a winged hourglass on the end meaning that time is fleeting when the Plague Doctor is afoot!  Back before he had powers it merely was used to beat off plague ridden mobs but now it’s is a metaphysical power conduit that may possibly grant him extra powers when he’s weakened. It may also act as an energy channeling mechanism when dealing with a mob of adversaries.

The Plague Doctor can also can absorb any disease in Earth within his body, and allow it to lie dormant until he pick, and chooses it to surface at will.  Dr. Death can then transmit it to anyone he has close contact with. It’s doubtful he could heal anyone as that is the opposite power of dark energy. As the ultimate asymptomatic carrier of disease from medieval times until now he could very well be Patient Zero of any epidemic, or pandemic apocalypse!  He also learned how to exponentially accelerate, and even combine, and manipulate disease within his body, and in his diabolical expreminetnal labs via acquiring Virokinetic powers. The telekinetic power of disease manipulation.  All humans have every psychokinetic power lying dormant in our Junk DNA courtesy of our God like higher dimensional souls. It makes sense he was able to activate this particular power even if he wasn’t born with it.  Virokinesis comes in handy when you want to quickly sacrifice someone with a normally slow acting disease. The Plague Doctor has been known to sacrifice victims on his Altar via violent Flu symptoms hyper-accelerated, and left untreated!

In addition he has limited ability to direct his dark spiritual energies into people’s bodies thereby further fostering disease, and causing general physical deterioration.  It’s thought that he can absorb such powers but usually only does so once the patient has just died since taking away such negative energies could cause them to heal!  However he has been known to steal away dark energy from demonic entities such as Demi-Demons, vampires, and even Warlocks! Rumors indicate he’s been practicing directly loping dark energy of enemies who pose an immediate physical threat to him. This would be a last ditch effort since it drains his power reserves thereby exposing him to potential rapid aging that could lead to immediate painful death!  Here we have a potential weakness if someone such as a powerful Psychic Vampire could drain his dark energy entirely!

After a run in with the sinister Slender Man it’s said that The Plague Doctor acquired the psychosomatic Slender Sickness. The Doctor was briefly affected but became one of the few on Earth to fight it off, and become immune! He then began looking into mind over matter as an illness mechanism. In essence manipulating a victim’s mind to actually manufacture a real biological disease in their bodies!  If nothing else to create hypochondria, and mental illness in a weak willed human for his own enjoyment.  Some say he’s responsible for the recent surge In OCD cases! His good looks, and charming demeanor along with learning hypnosis have aided in this ever growing skill set.

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Who Are The Oath Breakers?
Although a loner at heart, the Plague Doctor realized there was only so much pain, and death he could deliver alone.  He began enlisting the help of evil humans who showed great promise.  He called them his Oath Breakers. Those who defy the Hippocratic Oath of healing.  These Oath Breakers can be doctors, nurses, scientists, government officials, pharmacists, pharmaceutical executives, and anyone else in a medical related career who wants to gain power through the spread of disease, death, and destruction.  These pathetic individuals can also be involved in the food service, and agricultural industries as well.  It’s said that various E. Coli outbreaks across the world are caused by these sick puppies!  The Plague Doctor lures these people to serve within his dark deceptive web with promises of riches, and even immortal powers.  Ultimately many of them end up dead after their usefulness has come to a close.   As far as we know the Plague Doctor cannot grant someone else powers.  However his promise of riches is easily kept most of the time through theft!  The Oath Breakers all under the general Plague Doctor Cult made up of supernatural beings, and humans of varying importance who worship the Plague Doctor as their unholy Lord, and savior.  Although some have no idea they are apart of his diabolical organization, and act as useful idiots who are quickly disposed of when the Doctor is done with them!

The infamous Typhoid Mary, aka Mary Mallon, is The Plague Doctors Chief Lieutenant, and right hand woman in epidemic evil.  She is the closest thing to a female Plague Doctor, and has also acquiring immortality through living off the dark metaphysical energies of diseased suffering, and death!  Her feminine wiles are an effective tool in infiltrating affluent homes, and facilities to spread disease.  Even to this day she enjoys posing as a cook to spread disease as this was her profession when she was a human.  Mary is currently in charge of the Oath Breakers, and the Plague Doctor Cult under the direct orders of the Plague Doctor himself.  She provides a convenient protective insulation for him, and she also acts as his Asymptomatic Disease backup should anything happen to him!

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The Plague Doctor Today
The perplexing Plague Doctor still walks among us in modern times in his trademark black robe, or long trench coat, along with his disturbing bird beak mask which has been seen as white or black in color.  It seems the black mask indicates death is near for a victim.  He is sometimes referred to as The Black Death when he dons the dark mask.  There are indications that he will remove the mask, and dress in appropriate attire so he can mingle among scientists in various government, and private research labs around the world where deadly viruses, and bacteria are studied.  It’s thought that he had some hand in the creation of the AIDS Virus which was being studied as a form of biological warfare. The Plague Doctor has also been linked to the recent Zika Virus Scare!

In this day, and age he is often thwarted from causing major epidemics thanks to the global spread of proper medical information, and supernatural warriors as well.  He jumps at any chance to aid anyone working to create deadly diseases.  In the 20th century he began experimenting with supernatural diseases such as the Zombie Virus.  It’s said that his number one dream is to see global death, and destruction at the hands of a Zombie like Pandemic.  His master plan is to create a mixed Pandemic Apocalypse he can relish in as a job well done.  However his nightmarish vision doesn’t stop there! He wants to actually foster an enchanted evolution process that brings us sapient viruses, bacteria, and other monstrous microbes walking on two or more feet across the Earth in human size form or larger!  Meanwhile the diseased remnants of humanity would stagger about the Earth eternally suffering, and in fear of his brave new dark world of unimaginable terrors!

The current whereabouts of the Plague Doctor, and his ominous oath breaking servants are unknown.  The Doctor Of Deadly Diabolical Disease walks among the sinister shadows stealthy so most likely you will never see him unless it’s Halloween, or there’s some costumed festival taking place where he can mingle with crowds to more easily spread illnesses both physical, and mental.  Don’t let the innocent fun of these events lull you in complacency!  If you spot him then most likely you’re about to enter hell on Earth!  We recommend immediately contacting Mystic Investigations or some other paranormal crime fighting firm.  Then head to the nearest nutritional supplement store to get some Colloidal Silver which is the only known non-magical way to fight any disease he might give you along with possibly repelling him to some extent. Silver has always been known as a powerful Universal antibiotic. Unfortunately the silver will not prevent him from messing with your mind.  In such a case you will need a powerful practitioner of magic to intervene on your behalf.  Just as we called out the Slender Man some years ago to come find us we here at Mystic Investigations call out the Plague Doctor, and his wretched unmerry band of Oath Breakers!  We will not allow you to destroy our home! The Planet Earth! The living embodiment of Goddess Gaia Mother Nature!

The Plague Doctor’s Future Plans?
The Plague Doctor dreams of a Multi-Pandemic Apocalypse where most of humanity is wiped from the face of the Earth?  Only a small number would remain as zombies along with monstrous deformed, and diseased creatures made immortal through his power thereby leaving them in a permanent hell on Earth!  He would however like some left for forced breeding so he can continue his medical experiments!  And of course the rise of macroscopic viruses, and bacteria transforming Earth into a truly alien world!  Speaking of which apparently The Four Horsemen Of Armageddon have promised the despicable Doctor transport to Extraterrestrial worlds to continue his macabre medical madness across the Galaxy, and beyond!  We can only hope the forces of good prevent this filthy fiend from eternally planet hopping about the Universe exterminating entire sapient species, and eventually causing a Universal Pandemic!

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Dress Up As The Plague Doctor For Halloween If You Dare!  Beware That You May Attract The Attention Of The Real Plague Doctor Or Plague Doctor Slayers On The Prowl! You May Also End Up Having Oath Keepers & Other Lackeys Bowing At Your Feet Ready To Serve You!

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Are The X-Men Real?

Are X-Men Mutants Based On A True Story?
To an extent the X-Men comics, and movies are real.  Not necessarily the specific characters, storylines, or the description of their reality but rather the fact that superhumans do exist. With each passing decade the number of humans beings born with minor, or full on psychokinetic, telepathic, and other superhuman abilities is steadily increasing.  Those with psychic powers who can control their surroundings, or manifest forms of matter, and energy from their bodies or thin air!  Others who have enhanced strength, speed, agility, intelligence, and senses.  This is merely the natural course of how sapient species evolve on plants across our paranormal Universe.  When biological species evolve to a certain point of self-aware intelligence they generate a soul that is simultaneously born in countless higher dimensions outside of time-space.  At some point there is a God like ascension to prodigious power in those unimaginable dynamic dimensions.  Our various dimensional incarnations are linked to each other metaphysically which is evidenced by Junk DNA that more or less contains latent super abilities in most humans. However to some degree, mostly too minute to notice, every human has an array of superpowers.  The most common is mind over matter as witnessed by the Placebo Effect, and various fabulous feats publically performed by entertaining individuals.

The ever advanced evolution of a sentient species pushes them ever closer to ascension into higher dimensional Godhood as a society outside the normal individual ascension via simple death.  The body, and brain begin to assimilate the Junk DNA as normal DNA thereby slowly but surely activating various super powers in each successive generation.  As we speak now there is a silent minority of superheros, and supervillians who fight a secret battle in the shadows against each other, versus the supernatural forces of darkness, and humans who oppose them as well.  Secrecy is essential in order to prevent public panic, and the ensuing witch hunt followed by capture, experimentation, and even potential extermination by close minded frightened individuals.  Certainly secret black ops divisions of various governments, such as the US Paranormal Defense Agency, are aware of the existence of these X-Men Mutants. Although they’re of course not called that. Generally they’re referred to as Superhuman, or identified by their particular power.  These heros, and villains are sought after by the government who wish to understand, and harness their awesome powers.  At the end of the day it’s inevitable that humanity’s future will see everyone with a scientifically measureable degree of super powers in about 10,000 years or so based on current estimates.

Is Magneto, Professor X, And Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters Real?
There are currently no central superheros, or villains who rally the forces of superhuman, good, and evil.  There are supernatural beings other than human who fill such roles but strictly in the superhuman arena our world isn’t like the X-Men in that respect.  Many operate independently or join up with various small gangs mainly for the purposes of amassing money, and power.  It’s not that uncommon for powers to give people delusions of grandeur, and superiority which prompt them to join paranormal or human criminal organizations to elevate their status in life.  There are all manner of secret supernatural, and magic schools around the world that will train those with superpowers in order to hone their skills so that they may join the battle against the forces of evil.  The McTavish International Academy Of Magical Sciences is largest and most prestigious institution that covers virtually all things metaphysically marvelous!  Plausibly the closest thing to Xavier’s School is the Tanzania Psychokinetic College. It’s the top learning institution on Earth specializing in Psychokinetic powers of the mind.  The vast underground complex is said to be hidden in the Tanzanian jungle near a large lake for those with water manipulation powers.  Students usually practice their powers inside the concrete, and steel facility but also in the open jungle as well.  Any student with pyrokinetic powers (fire manipulation) is usually shadowed by one with Cryokinetic (Ice Manipulation), or Hydrokinetic abilities to prevent large scale jungle fires.  However it’s rumored a witch is on staff to provide protection spells to prevent damage to nature, and other students just learning to harness their potentially horrifying powers!

On Mystic Investigations own supernatural crime fighting team we have a telekinetic psychic named Julia Hathaway.  Our resident witch Rebecca Abernathy has hydrokinesis, Faunapathy, and other abilities based in her Mermaid genes.  She also has witch DNA that gives her a natural ability to command magic, and utilize her active witchcraft power known as the Mystic Sphere.  Drake Alexander is a powerful 5th generation vampire while Zack Powers has advanced bionic based superhuman enhancements.  Our Cryptozoologist Doctor Ashley Abercrombie has minor abilities based on the fact that she’s half zombie!  I myself as Mystic Investigations President have displayed some superhuman tendencies in tense situations but no definitive source of that has been sighted. It could simply be good old fashioned mind over matter!  | Watch All The X-Men Movies Online! |

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