Mystic Investigations Battles The Plague Doctor And His Minions!

I, Mystic Investigations President Xavier Remington, led a paranormal team to investigate the Adirondack Abomination in upstate New York. Ultimately we were unable to capture the creature but we did collect a lot of interesting data. The rest of the team, led by Executive Vice-President Drake Alexander, headed to New York City on Valentines Day 2018. They came across the Plague Doctor, Typhoid Mary, and some of his legion of Oath Breakers who are all apart of the greater Plague Doctor Cult! We had originally got wind of something big going down there for the Valentines season but the final intelligence only came to us at the last second! These sick plague loving puppies employed an armada of street walkers to purposely spread new strains of STD’s among the unsuspecting populace. Strains specially created by the Plague Doctor himself. Naturally, these women of the night were charging fees far below that of the average prostitute in order to lure weak-willed men, and even women, into their wanton web of despicable diseases! Read The Rest On Our Supernatural Stories Blog…

Typhoid Mary: The Plague Doctors Right Hand Woman!

Typhoid MaryThe historically infamous Typhoid Mary, aka Mary Mallon, is still alive, and well…except for the diseases she fosters within her unfortunately desirable feminine form.  She is the top lieutenant, right-hand woman, and Chief Oath Breaker of the paranormal Plague Doctor of death! The Plague Doctor being the darkest immortal figure when it comes to diabolical diseases. She is also known as “The Female Plague Doctor” who directly leads The Plague Doctor Cult. Their mission is to spread disease, and suffering to as many people as possible. Their ultimate end game is the eradication of human life as we know it. In its place, they want monstrous humanoid like viruses, bacteria, and other microbes!

From Typhoid Mary To Plague Mary
Mary Mallon was born on September 23, 1869, in Ireland before immigrating to the United States in 1883 at the age of 15.  She eventually became a Cook for wealthy families in the State of New York. Mary gained notoriety for being an asymptomatic carrier of Typhoid Fever. This means she carried the potentially deadly disease but displayed no symptoms. She was presumed to have infected 51 people, three of whom died. She was forcibly quarantined and upon release changed her name to Mary Brown to continue working as a cook despite being forbidden to do so! She originally didn’t believe she was causing sickness but finally embraced the power it had over people because being quarantined and ostracized angered her! Her second quarantine was for life once her fraud was discovered!

Six years before her death, she was paralyzed by a stroke. While in this state she communed with Pestilence who was one of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse and the deity The Plague Doctor worships. Pestilence declared to the Doctor “She is the one!” The only successor to the Plague Doctor throne if anything were to Pestilence forbid happen to him. The only person other than himself to receive the dark gift of paranormal disease manipulation. Mary supposedly died on November 11, 1938, of pneumonia at the age of 69. However, Pestilence put her into a supernatural stasis while the Plague Doctor posed as a mortician to steal her body and leave some fake ashes in its place. In a dark ritual, she was brought back to vibrant life with the ability to absorb all manner of diseases as an asymptomatic carrier who could spread sickness at will!

The Surgeon General Of Suffering Finds His Partner In Pandemic Pandemonium!
The Plague Doctor finally had found his soul mate in Mary as they made dark love amid him teaching her his wayward ways.  He taught her how to channel the dark metaphysical energies of diseased suffering, and death to acquire Dark Immortality. How to absorb disease, manipulate it within her body, and then spread it forth at merciless will. Her feminine wiles are an effective tool in seducing power players, infiltrating affluent homes, corporate boardrooms, and various facilities to spread sinister sickness. Even to this day she enjoys posing as a cook. Just making someone barf at a fast food drive-thru is said to bring joy into her heart while her cold eyes grow wild with excitement! Mary has also recently relished in spreading STD’s among those pulled into her wanton web!

Typhoid Mary provides important insulation for the Plague Doctor as he is one the most wanted supernatural beings on Earth! He trusts her completely to lead his malevolent minions across the world! Whereas the Plague Doctor often wears his bird’s beak mask Mary wears no such thing. Only a surgical mask if she doesn’t want certain people to get sick since she doesn’t have 100% control of her diseases like the Plague Doctor. Any disease spread through the air can be a danger spewed from her! She is thought to have hundreds if not thousands of viruses, bacteria, and horrifying microbes dwelling within her deceptively beautiful form. If you spot a hot chick in a nurses uniform exercise caution as it could be the infamous Typhoid Mary!

Do Zombies Get Sick?

Can Humans Catch Diseases Other Than The Zombie Virus From The Walking Dead?
Despite being walking dead corpses on their way to rotting into dust zombies never get sick!  Their decaying bodies are definitely any diseases dream. So you may find a wide array of nasty contagions in the oldest zombies who have traveled the furthest. However, they are only asymptomatic carriers courtesy of the protective paranormal zombie virus that dwells within their dark decay. As asymptomatic carriers they can’t catch any of the diseases but they can spread them. Normally a dead body would lose the ability to support a number of diseases. Since the zombie is living dead and alive to an extent these bacteria and viruses end up surviving. Although usually in a weaker state than you’d find within a living human.

It is plausible that a human could catch any number of these diseases if they come into close contact with a zombie. This rarely happens since the zombie virus dominates along with the aforementioned weaker state of said diseases. Close contact with a zombie often results in being bitten thereby causing the victim to contract the zombie syndrome themselves. Brave Zombie Hunters should always take care to wear protective gear in order to prevent contraction of the supernatural virus along with other potentially deadly diseases lying within these mindless creatures.

Unfortunately, we have sick paranormal puppies like The Plague Doctor who are experimenting with the creation of more pleasant environments for viruses within zombified bodies. In essence, using them as mass delivery systems to spread dark disease around the world. The alarming endgame to create a global pandemic of epic proportions amid an already alarming zombie apocalypse. A despicable insurance policy to wipe out humankind completely and make room for the new breed of sinister supernatural beings to inherit the Earth!