Will Humankind Ever Run Out Of Souls?

Will People Ever Start Being Born Soulless?
Firstly, souls are not specifically assigned to humans. Souls beings higher dimensional metaphysical energy copies of ourselves. Sort of the equivalent of our biological copies in the wide array of Parallel Universes. When a person is born they automatically join with their soul because it vibrates at the same frequency. More or less space and the physical world are illusions as the only true thing to exist is non-corporeal energy or consciousness. So when like frequencies exist in the Macroverse, aka everything that is, they merge as one entity that is only complete perceptible to someone who is 100% non-corporeal. That being said there are supernatural situations where a person can be cut off from their soul or technically born without one. Still, their soul does exist somewhere.

Secondly, the evolution program of our planet, influenced by a number of God and Goddess programmers, doesn’t compel anyone to have a specific number of kids. There’s nothing in place to match the number of available human souls in higher dimensional Heaven with the total number of humans who will be born during the life of our species. There’s also no enchanted evidence of any such thing in place for all intelligent species across our Universe.

In fact, there are infinite souls because there are infinite non-corporeal spirit frequencies possible. So no matter how many people are born in any given reality there will never be a shortage of spirits! Only an infinitesimal amount are born in any given parallel Universe in our greater Macroverse. Since there is no regulation of biological births there is usually some natural repeating of frequencies causing the same person to be born multiple times over the courses of thousands of years. This is what some call Reincarnation.

Why Don’t Vampires Have Psychokinetic Powers Like Humans?

Vampire PSI Powers

First Generation Vampire shooting forth dark energy via demonic electrokinesis.

With each passing century, more Humans develop varying degrees of psionic powers.  This is due to our evolution from animal to God with our higher dimensional souls manifesting in our junk DNA as latent powers.  Vampires lack this because their DNA is demonic based yet you would think the demonic DNA would create such powers as well?  The problem is that they are technically only a quarter demonic, unlike a Demi-Demon that is half demonic.  The rest of them is, in essence, a living dead human that in a way dilutes any potential demon PSI powers while the demon part cancels out any human Psychokinetic Powers. Cryptozoologists still don’t fully understand the mechanism that causes this. Perhaps it’s a product of Angelic intervention to give superhumans a fighting chance against vampires, and other forces of evil.

Only first generation vampires can display such powers along with the next few generations down to a far lesser extent. Vampires many thousands of years old to some limited degrees as well.  Although to date there’s not even a first generation vampire who is fully powered up with a full complement of Demonic psionic powers.  In fact, in order to use them for even a small length of time, they need to drink large quantities of quality blood for that is what ultimately fuels all their dark abilities. Thankfully it’s very rare to come across a magical vampire. That being said all vampires can temporarily acquire various telekinetic powers by drinking the blood of humans, and supernatural beings, possessing said powers.

Do Humans Who Regularly Fight Supernatural Beings Grow Stronger?

Winchester Brothers SupernaturalPerhaps you’ve watched the show “Supernatural” and wondered how Cryptid Hunters like Sam and Dean Winchester always seem to hold their own with a plethora of paranormals who should be far more physically powerful than themselves. That includes biological form Angels and Demons! It’s true there is a history of them attaining temporary powers in various storylines so it’s plausible some of that power has lingered in some way. Or it could even be that the God of their reality has helped them. Overall, however, there is a confident determination to beat down all adversaries of righteousness!  An undying belief in one’s own abilities and dedication to a just cause can increase the power of one’s soul which in turn supplies more metaphysical energy to the physical body.

Humans without powers or magical abilities, who go up against supernatural beings are the bravest breed there is!  Even being a bodybuilder, or martial arts master doesn’t guarantee you’ll live when dealing with vampires, zombies, werewolves, solid form poltergeists, and all manner of malevolent monsters!  However, based on our own experiences here at Mystic Investigations, where we are battling the dark forces of evil every day, we have to say that we are stronger than the average human!  In fact, there have been supernatural studies of various paranormal investigations, and crime-fighting firms that show such humans as being stronger, faster, and more agile than even a professional athlete, or combat soldier!

One reason for this power increase is the constant challenge of going up against superior opponents. The pushing forth of our true physical limits that should theoretically take us past chimpanzee level strength!  However many paranormal beings, including non-corporeal entities, have strong metaphysical energy auras that play a role in their super abilities. The same energy channeled through our Chakra’s connecting us to our own metaphysical energy spirit forms in the higher dimensions above.  Exercising, and maintaining one’s Chakra’s has been shown to dramatically improve health and energy.

When in proximity to true supernatural beings, including ghosts & poltergeists, a human’s own aura absorbs the supercharged metaphysical energy giving them an energy boost during an intense battle. In essence inadvertent enchanted energy Jujutsu using the superior opponent’s energy against themselves! Perhaps Mother Nature’s way to help even the odds for humans.  If this supernatural energy is absorbed on a regular basis it cleans out the Chakra’s, strengthens the soul, and flows throughout the body greatly increasing physical prowess, and even enhancing senses! There may also be healing, and anti-aging benefits to keep Supernatural Hunters in top shape while other humans have withered into a weak geriatric state. That being said the effect is far less than it could potentially be since it’s evil energy most of the time. The human soul usually cleanses and neutralizes it unless the entity is beyond powerful. Then such energies can have negative effects! Maximum supercharging can occur when in proximity to a good ghost, Angel, or holy being of righteousness.

In addition, humans in the world of the paranormal who happen to know practitioners of magic can benefit further from spells, and rituals to amass physical prowess.  However, this is only to the limit their physical form can take since top-flight mystical practitioners are generally born with the ability to withstand the raw awesome powers of the massive mystical energies circulating throughout their biological form. Humans taking on the forces of darkness, and dipping into the magics may need more sleep than the average human since essential body & soul regeneration take place during REM dream sleep. Although, certain types of enchanted energies in various states leading to immortality may, in fact, eliminate the need for sleep altogether.

It’s said that humans who have consistently battled paranormal beings for their entire adult life end up being in their prime physically, and mentally at about age 45. This also takes into account the fantastical fighting skills they’ve acquired over the decades. A slow minimal decline may begin after 55 years of age but a 65-year-old supernatural warrior could easily beat the ever-loving hell out of a physically fit human in their early 20’s!  Odds are if you’ve witnessed such a sight then that supposed senior citizen is most likely a courageous champion of justice who combats the despicable denizens of darkness!