Can You Rot In Hell For Eternity?

Whether it’s Hell, or some other dimension of reality in the Afterlife, there is no crime possible that would warrant an eternal punishment. Not to mention the fact that torture yields no lessons nor causes positive growth. We grow as intelligent entities by living a multitude of simultaneous lives in parallel Universes that coalesce into our collective higher dimensional souls! Thankfully there are Universal safeguards to prevent the proverbial perpetual rotting in hell. Namely our Guardian Angels. Goddess Gaia Mother Earth, a variety of other nature deities, and higher level Gods on up to the Omniverse God deeply discourage Afterlife punishment against one’s will.

The Devil, and his demons do actively look for humans who will sell their souls. However it’s for the purpose of adding to their metaphysical energy reserves to be used in the coming Battle Of Armageddon. This only occurs for your soul on lower dimensional levels, and has no bearing on your near infinite higher dimensional selves that currently exist outside of time as we know it. Just as you have a plethora of parallel Universe selves there are a multitude of your ascended selves all the way to the grand collective consciousness of the Macroverse God.

Generally speaking the Devil, and his minions have better things to do than torture individual humans who haven’t done a thing to them. We’re talking about former Archangels, and Angels aren’t anywhere in the same league of your average bully. It doesn’t warm the cockles of their cold hearts to torment people trapped in hell. Certainly they do most of their damage to humanity as a whole here on Earth, and on alien worlds as well. The Devil, and his denizens of damnation have plenty of supernatural enemies they would love to take down to Hell with them for a little one on one session. Even then they like the challenge of at least a somewhat fair fight. That’s one thing to remember. Higher dimensional beings have complex minds beyond our comprehension, and simple torment of random people isn’t something they think about much. That is something for simple minded biological beings warped by their disturbed environments.

Our lives here can of course be hellish but they are temporary, and never more than we can bear. This is because we chose to be here as higher dimensional spirits before we were born. We even have a supernatural safeword hidden in our sub-consciousness for essential escape when needed. Free Will is one of the central laws of the Omniverse, and beyond! If there is any afterlife hell it involves deeply disturbed souls who languish in their own misery as ghosts, or lost souls outside of Heaven. They can choose to snap out of it at any time. More often than not someone aids in the healing of their emotionally damaged soul. Even in our biological confines the power of our minds can affect our mental, and physical health. Once freed as metaphysical spirits that power of free will grows exponentially. If there really was some Hell dimension where wretched dark spirits horrified human souls then it wouldn’t last very long!

The true essence of you is your non-corporeal consciousness, and you have full command of said consciousness construct. Demonic possession might be something possible in our physical plane of reality but outside of that it is nearly impossible even for a powerful demon. All conscious souls are patterned after the first of his kind. The Macroverse God. The design is flawless, and extremely difficult to hack except when muddled with the illusion of biological programming. Even with the simulation of our physical reality, or that of solidified energy, demons obviously don’t possess nor deeply influence the vast majority of humans. If a simulated physical body, and environment of hell fire was created in an afterlife it would not be of your choosing, and would violate the spirit of freedom. With it being more than you could bear your consciousness would reject the illusion, and you would fight back. Eventually escape would be inevitable as a multitude of reinforcements including Guardian Angels would come to your aid! This would also be true for any type of scenario where you’re born as a sentient computer program in a simulated reality. Clearly your own more powerful higher dimensional selves would not stand for it! Somewhere we’re all Omniverse Gods far more powerful than the Devil, or other higher dimensionals, could ever hope to be! If nothing else have faith that you exist in infinite forms throughout the vast infinity of reality, and you’ll always have your own back!


Can The Eyes Of Unenchanted Humans Glow?

Human Eye GlowWe know that supernatural beings, and humans practicing magic can display brilliant glowing eyes far beyond that of animals with natural nocturnal luminescence. In paranormal cases this enchanting eye illumination is caused by extremely high levels of metaphysical energy. Quite often it is a signal that the person, or creature in question is linked to higher dimensional beings in some way. It’s Mother Nature’s warning us about dangerous things beyond our understanding. You can learn more about this here.

So is it possible for an average human with no paranormal powers, or relation to anything supernatural, to display glowing eyes? Indeed it is! In fact almost everyone has had such an event happen. When the human eye glowing occurs it is almost exclusively the same color as the person’s eyes. Or more precisely the glowing effect appears some shades lighter than their natural eye color. Almost as if the eyes are being lit from behind. Unfortunately the vast majority of the time it is extremely brief, or happens in our sleep so nobody sees it. It can occur in our REM sleep when having intense dreams, or when our soul astral projects out of our body.

While awake in moments of heightened emotion, particularly bursts of anger, a metaphysical energy surge initiatives ocular illumination that might last for a mere blink of an eye. This is most likely to be seen in longer lengths in those displaying super strength when saving someone’s life. The quintessential lifting of a car off someone explained as mind over matter, or an adrenaline rush. However in a fair amount of cases the sub-conscious mind is willing metaphysical energy to join with the adrenaline. Naturally as the person is straining to lift something immensely heavy their eyes are often closed. Bright daylight could also dull the appearance of the lit eyes as well.

When such eye glow is displayed it can be mistaken as being demonic, and the first instinct is to lock the person away while calling an exorcist. Generally demonic possession results in crimson colored, or totally pitch black eyes. Really though if the human origin eye glow lasts long enough, or repeats for people to see then it can be a sign of something serious. A continued over charging of metaphysical energy in the body. In a non-magical human, death is most likely very near since their biological body can’t take the power. One cause of this could be a person who’s totally mastered their sub-consciousness mind willingly or unknowingly. Often seen in advanced monks, and hypnosis, or meditation masters. Once they die they usually become ascended higher dimensional free spirits! Of course another cause could be a malfunction in the body at the quantum level where the physical energy matrix meets that of the metaphysical. The reasons for this can vary but it’s usually exposure to something supernatural. Plausibly metaphysical radiation infecting the body! The result can be Spontaneous Human Combustion!

There’s also a rare chance that the enchanted illumination comes from some practitioner of magic who has hidden some power, or mystical object within you. In essence you are acting as an unwilling vessel. In this case there would be intermittent noticeable eye glowing near your same natural eye hue. Again there’s a chance of sudden death or Spontaneous Human Combustion! Any other colors indicate a power awakened within you, or something sinister lurking within your mind against your will! If you notice your eyes glowing you should immediately contact your local psychic, witch, or paranormal professionals for help! At the least you want the peace of mind that nothing is wrong with you!


What Are Succubus And Incubus?

The Ultimate Demonic Golddiggers!
Succubus, and Incubus are some of the lowest level biological form demons in existence. In fact they’re not anywhere near as powerful as Demi-Demon, or Human-Demon Hybrids. Succubus, and Incubus refer to the same type of demonic being except Succubus are females, and Incubus are males. They are almost exclusively former humans whose dark deeds netted them demonhood. Generally they’re not practitioners of magic, and instead are those who used their exquisite beauty, charm, and sexual prowess to acquire power in life. They’re often the young ones who married the old rich people, and then possibly murdered them to inherit their wealth! At some point their darkness was noticed by a demon who encouraged them to commit more atrocities. Or they even sought out demons themselves all in the name of wealth, and power! These are unique individuals with worth to demons so they wouldn’t trick them into their usual dark soul selling deals. However they are used by higher level demons to lure innocents into such deals with their blatant blasphemous sensual allure.

These agents of enchanting evil often communicate with demonic spirits who will send them on missions to corrupt, and destroy virgins along with other vulnerable humans. Particularly pure of heart innocents, and those in positions of power who are already corrupt themselves. Their simultaneous targeting of these two polar opposites is what makes them very unique. If you don’t fall into either of these categories then you probably have nothing to worry about. These despicable denizens of darkness don’t limit themselves to adults as they go after teens as well!  Succubus are often used in grander schemes to set up power bases for the Devil as he prepares for his Anti-Christ son to take over the Earth! This might mean seducing, and marrying titans of industry, and politicians as well.

Not only does the Succubus, and Incubus often fulfill a purpose outside of their insatiable Succubuslust but they gain paranormal power as well. Initially they feed off of sexual energy, and feelings of wanton wonder. With each sexual encounter these masters of seduction penetrate further to darken a person’s mind, and heart along with sucking away the metaphysical energy of their soul.  Innocent virgins are often the most appetizing treats that provide the most energizing enchantment. Once the person has outlived their usefulness there is an increase in energy siphoning that eventually causes the person’s untimely death. This is considered a demonic sacrifice that adds to the Succubus’s power. So they gain power directly into their bodies from the victim, and also from their demon masters who reward them for their erotic efforts. If they manage to convince someone to sell their soul then they gain even more paranormal powers. All of which pushes them further toward their goal of being a true complete demon someday. One who walks hand in hand with the Archdemon Devil in the fiery bowels of hell!

What Powers Do Succubus And Incubus Have?
The powers of these dark seducers increases temporarily right after a sexual exploit, and permanently as they hand innocent souls over to their demonic masters. These include giving off phenomenal pheromones to attract victims along with amazing hypnotic powers. In some cases a succubus or incubus may even be able to compel a Vampire to do their bidding! Naturally they can induce immense pleasure in any human, and a variety of paranormal creatures. Even those who claim to never achieve such ecstasy. They also gain ever increasing abilities to read people’s emotions, and even their surface thoughts. There’s also enhanced strength, speed, agility, and senses. The average Succubus and Incubus have power on the level of 7th generation vampires. Another interesting aspect of these carnal creatures is their flexible bisexual nature. Even if their sexual orientation was totally different as a human.

Since they are demons the various religious artifacts such as holy water, and crosses will have some repellent effect on them. However not at the same level as vampires. Certainly a succubus can soak up the sun without issue. They need the freedom to be in all venues of society. This is one reason why humans were chosen to become this type of demon. Once someone is under the sensual spell of a succubus or incubus it can only be broken by someone the victim loves, or by a more powerful supernatural being. These single minded sirens of serious sexuality won’t hesitate to brutally murder anyone who stands in the way of their malevolent mission! Always consult a paranormal professional, or powerful practitioner of magic before taking on these heinous horrors!

The most famous team of Succubus, and Incubus are known as the Fatal Five. Their speciality is to work in unsavory unison to weave together intricate plans in the corporate, and political world to further the goals of their demon masters. They are the tip of the sinister spear to make the Devil’s global agenda a reality with the fast approach of Armageddon!