Can Extraterrestrial’s Possess Human Minds?

Who Has The Power To Possess Another Persons Mind And Body?
Most people have heard of Humans being mentally and physically possessed by dark spirits. There are varying degrees of possession that can range from a faint voice in the sub-conscious mind, split personalities, and complete domination of the entire body leaving the victim as a back seat driver! Demons, in particular, are notorious for such things as they attempt to corrupt and own the enchanted energy of our souls. Often demonic possessions are done in an inconspicuous manner to accomplish a goal in the human world for the greater darkness of the Devil. Virtually any higher dimensional being can possess humans, animals, and even various biological supernaturals as well. Besides demons, these paranormal possessors can include Ghosts, Nature Deities, Jinn, and even Angels. Although Angels are virtually the only ones who must have the permission of the host in which they wish to harbor.

Mind Possession: It Isn’t Just For Demons And Other Higher Dimensionals
There are even special humans and biological paranormal creatures who can possess others and control them as puppets. This includes beings from alternate dimensions out of phase with our own. These are people with exceptional psychic powers or amazing magical abilities. Especially powerful Vampires and Voodoo practitioners may take their mind control methods to the extreme to accomplish a perplexing possession! Thankfully the process of someone imposing their controlling consciousness upon another to such a dire degree is rare.

Considering all of this it is not surprising that Extraterrestrials from other planets can perform possessions. Firstly, we have some alien races already walking among us! These include those who enjoy abduction and experimentation on humans! The so-called Grey’s are most notorious for this. However, their possession abilities are limited. Still, they continue to use their telepathic abilities in unison with technology to make strides in their nefarious endeavor. Fortunately, the devilish Reptilians have yet to master possession powers! Yet as shapeshifters they can appear to be virtually anyone thereby taking away the need to possess someone.

There are a variety of other extraterrestrials known to exist across the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. This knowledge comes courtesy of rare visits in our ancient history along with gifted physics, seers, and mystics. Some ET’s don’t have the space travel technology to explore the Universe while others wish to stay within the safety of their planet or local area of space. This is especially true for xenophobic species. Some of these aliens have found ways to beam their consciousnesses to other planets such as Earth. Sometimes directly into open or folded space. Often through natural or artificial wormholes that may barely be a millimeter in diameter. This may even include Artificial Intelligence computer programs that can possess people like a digital virus!

Exploring The Universe Through Paranormal And Technological Possession
From a central location, these alien explorers can search the Universe for life and then possess it to completely experience what it is to be them. Many times it is temporary and the host may not even remember it. A number of amnesia victims may, in fact, be extraterrestrial possession victims. Unfortunately, some sinister species look to take over planets by possessing everyone, or just the powerful, thereby perfecting a peaceful invasion! Some species facing extinction or invasion from a more powerful ET force could beam everyone’s consciousness to another planet. There they can hide out while their bodies on the homeworld play dead. Of course, if the bodies are destroyed then they stay in their new hosts forever!

There are those alien cultures who may beam a mind into a human or some other species as a right of passage into adulthood. A way to see life from a new perspective and learn some valuable lessons. This can include extraterrestrial criminals sent to possess humans as a prison sentence. Many times they are broadcast right into the womb to grow up as a human without any knowledge that they are aliens. This type of day one fetal possession can be done for the other aforementioned reasons in this article. All to encompass the complete human experience or true consciousness camouflage from enemies. Possession at this pre-birth level causes the invading consciousness to lose memory of who they are. Quite a few people who have always felt out of place in society or literally think of themselves as aliens may, in fact, be possessing a body that was meant to be another person! The quintessential person not comfortable in their own skin! Of course, in some cases, these people are actually Earth Angels.

Upon death on Earth, the alien consciousness will return to their real body on their home planet. That’s the amazing thing about consciousness in its metaphysical energy or non-corporeal form. Even if it was targeted and sent here by technology it can return to its mind of origin. In the end, consciousness is beyond space-time and can traverse any distance. Consciousness is naturally attracted to its own frequency and will instantly snap back to the body matching said frequency. Even if it’s three galaxies away!

If you suspect any type of mental possession please contact your nearest paranormal professional, exorcist, or practitioner of magic. As always resist the specter trying to invade your mind. Don’t make it easy for them! At the end of the day, you are the master of your domain and the mental intruder has to go to some effort to gain, and maintain control! If you find that religious artifacts aren’t repelling the blasphemous brain breacher then odds are good it’s an alien invader! [Twitter]

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Who Will Be The Last Person Alive In This Universe?

Last Woman In The UniverseNaturally the first sapient intelligence to evolve in this Universe is hard to pinpoint due to the ambiguous nature of animal slowly evolving into sapient life form, aka Animal-God Hybrids.  On the other hand for centuries a small handful of extremely gifted psychics, seers, mystics, and those with various perceptive powers have confirmed the identity of the last intelligent individual to exist in this particular parallel Universe.  The last sapient person that will ever exist in our Universe is a woman named Gimbokbossa, and her last day of life will be approximately 114 trillion years from now in an a galaxy that hasn’t even formed yet.  To even relate it to our night sky would be futile with such an unimaginable time span. Despite humanity having ascended to Godhood in the higher dimensions trillions of years previously she is a distant indirect product of our Panspermia, or life seeding of other planets. You might ask how on Earth even the most amazing supernatural, besides a higher dimensional being, could know this?  However that is the answer.  Those who have the psychic power to access the knowledge of higher dimensional beings, including the Akashic Records, and other various supernatural sources.  In addition the last intelligent life in an entire Universe would leave an extremely unique timeless emotional echo that flows backward in time.

The limited visions of Gimbokbossa over the ages paint the picture of a humanoid alien living amid some manner of technological age in which space travel was still in it’s infancy.  Like others of her kind she has pink hued skin, hair, and eyes. She had a passion for music, sports, rock climbing, cave exploration, and travel.  Gimbokbossa’s species, known as the Peletochtirons, are born immortal telepaths with bio-mechanical elements intertwined within their advanced DNA including nanobot like creatures roaming about their blood. The Peletochtiron scientists consider it natural since such features are included in most life on their planet.  Although when constructing a theory of evolution they are puzzled by where the mechanical elements came from.  It’s these very natural mechanical elements that contributed to their societies rapid advancement despite becoming a sapient species only 5000 years previously. Unfortunately it’s too little too late since they didn’t advance quick enough to escape a planetary catastrophe.

Regrettably Gimbokbossa had to witness the death of her entire species from a nearby Hypernova, aka superluminous supernovae, that washed her planet with a deadly gamma ray burst.  Her planet was blasted away flinging through space toward a nearby black hole. She had been foolishly, yet luckily, exploring a deep cave on her own when she fell through a hole into an underground spring. It took her weeks to emerge to the surface as she was shield from the radiation above.  The blasting jolt to her planet caused destructive Earthquakes but she was amazingly in a strong solid iron cave formation. Thankfully her species require little food to live, and can survive a great many things except of course massive radiation.  When she surfaced to find her entire civilization shattered, and everyone dead she was beyond shocked!  Certainly it was odd nobody was answering her telepathic calls, and she was not sensing anyone while in the caves. She had assumed it was her depth, and the thickness of that particular rock. Her last moments are spent in darkness despite it being the middle of the day.  She gazed at the faint handful of stars that normally graced her night skies. Now they were fading from view as a massive black hole engulfs the planet. Despite the horror of the situation it was a beautiful sight, and Gimbokbossa brushed her tears away knowing she would be with her family, and friends soon. She felt no pain in the end as her entry into the black hole caused her instant demise! Her last words, and the final words spoken in our Universe, will be,”Let the quiet solace of darkness deliver me into the loving light of eternal peace.” The End!

No further sapient species would evolve in our Universe as it had already entered the Degenerate Era where star production ceases.  Once the last embers of intelligent life fade away an amazing enchanting event happens.  Rather than the Universe fading to darkness with the eventual Black Hole Hawking Radiation, and Dark Era we get an energized light infusing Supernatural Era! The God of this particular Universe, a spontaneous neural network construct of all former life in this reality, resets the Universe as if it was a mere clock winding down.  Then all the multitude of Galactic, Star, Planetary, and Nature Gods & Goddesses phase into reality. In essence to experience their retirement years now that all the humanoids they cared for have ascended to Godhood themselves in the Afterlife.

Humans reanimate from the Heavenly dimensions every so often to experience the new paradise Earth resurrected from the ashes of it’s solar demise by Mother Earth Goddess Gaia.  All sapient species eventually return from the Afterlife to visit. Gimbokbossa herself explores the entire Universe including Earth. As a higher dimensional being she can also travel to our Universe’s past, and study its history.  Amazingly she finds Earth’s 33rd century to be an extremely fascinating period as we are an intergalactic culture by that time. In addition to her ascension to Godhood she enjoys a unique celebrity as the last person to exist in the Universe. In the end the entire Universe becomes a magical playground, and in essence an extension of the Heavenly Afterlife realms above.  It goes on for all eternity in a stable supernatural state. The same happy ending finds its way into every other Parallel Universe in the grander Multiverse. The same goes for the parallel Multiverses, and all realms brought to a peaceful paradise state by the benevolent Omniverse God. Finally the forces of darkness are eradicated from existence or banished from the Omniverse for all eternity! Ah yes The End!

Is Game Of Thrones Real? What Planet Does It Take Place On?

Is Game Of Thrones Based On A True Story?
Game Of Thrones Dragon GirlGame Of Thrones is an HBO fantasy television series about the battle for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, and the lives of the noble families within.  It appears to take place in medieval times here on Earth at first glance. However the map  (Geographic Features) shown during the shows introduction clearly points to another planet, or an Earth in a parallel Universe with drastically differing geography.  There’s also blatant supernatural aspects to the Game Of Thrones that wouldn’t have been seen so openly in our own medieval history due to the Supernatural Secrecy Pact more or less moving the paranormal world “underground”.  Dragons had been slayed from their planet much like ours until the birth of three new ones.  The rebirth of dragons in our world would have caused Dragon Slayers to flock forth, and eradicate them with extreme prejudice. The Mother Of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, cannot be burnt by fire which was witnessed by numerous people.  However without photographic evidence this could skirt past the Supernatural Secrecy Pact. Their witchcraft seems to stay below the radar of the general public but the Alchemists produce paranormal substances like Wildfire.  There’s also the powerful paranormal creatures, known as The White Walkers, who are masters of snow, and ice.  In addition the seasons of their planet last several years, and their length is unpredictable. It’s been suggested the cause is magical rather than astronomical in nature (Here are some non-mystical explanations for long erratic seasons).

The Known World of the GOT reality appears to be what we would know as Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East with a hint of Africa. Most of the action in Game of Thrones takes place in Westeros. Author of the series George R.R. Martin has stated that the continent of Westeros, meant to be an enlarged Great Britain, is roughly the same size as our continent of South America.  There are also three other continents mentioned: Essos, Sothoryos, and Ulthos.  It’s unknown if the GOT planet has an equivalent for The Americas, or The New World.

As with most works of fiction they are real in various parallel Universes, and Game Of Thrones is no exception.  The similarities to our own middle ages culture suggests it’s an Earth in a parallel Universe where our planets geography evolved differently.  You can also take into consideration the vastness of our own Universe.  With 100 billion galaxies, septillions of stars, and even more planets it’s quite plausible that another world could coincidentally be somewhat similar to ours.  After consulting some of the top psychics, seers, mystics, extraterrestrial communicators, and parallel Universe vision quest masters we have found that the Game Of Thrones actually exists not only in parallel Universes on alternate Earth’s but also in our reality as well.

It seems The Game Of Thrones as we know it took place approximately 3 million years ago on a planet called Zemlja. The planet Zemlja is not only in a galaxy far far away but also in a different Galactic Supercluster as well.  The Hercules Superclusters (Within The Hercules Cluster – A2151) some 500 million lights years away to be exact.  This map gives you some idea of where the cluster is based on our own Virgo Galaxy Supercluster in the center of it. Coincidentally Star Wars is real as well, and takes place nearby in the Ophiuchus Supercluster. Our supernatural sources indicate that the GOT society advanced to the point of creating a grand galactic federation cooperating with other extraterrestrials in their region of space.  Eventually ascending to higher dimensional Godhood at least one million years ago.  It’s also thought that these technologically ascended ET Gods may have influenced George R.R. Martin, and inspired him to create Game Of Thrones to tell the story of a pivotal point in their ancient history. It’s thought that a variety of ascended alien societies psychically influence writers on various planets to tell their story throughout the Universe!  If you happen to become a master of bending the space-time continuum to your will then you could indeed literally be in the real life Game Of Thrones!

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