Friday The 13th

Friday The 13th spawns Paraskevidekatriaphobia, or more simply the fear of Friday The 13th. This also coalesces with a more ancient fear of the number 13 known as Triskaidekaphobia. These frights foment into a sub-conscious spirit within the human collective consciousness causing increased bad luck and dark metaphysical energies.  In essence any luck of a dark sort on Friday The 13th is caused by so many humans believing it to be so! This is why it’s the ideal day to place curses upon those who have wronged you! Naturally fear and misfortune in the human arena bring out all manner of nefarious paranormal beings that may include dark spirits, poltergeists, demons, evil practitioners of magicClurichauns(Dark Leprechauns), The Friday The 13th Demon Specter, and even the infamous Jason Voorhees! Indeed the Friday The 13th films are based on the true story of a supernatural serial killer!

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Can A Curse Turn Into A Poltergeist?

A Curse starts out as an incantation of ill will fueled by human free will against another person or even a group of people. It eventually turns into a non-sapient sub-conscious like Spirit. Somewhat like the Spirit Of Halloween minus the lighthearted side that brings balance to the darkness. Its growth depends on the paranormal power of the person(s) who originally let the Curse loose. There’s also the intensity of the fear and anger it absorbs as it spreads dark luck throughout its victim’s lives. Along the way, the evil entity can also absorb miscellaneous enchanted energies thereby facilitating further exuberance within the Curse. This is often the case with Curses over entire family lines.

The Danger Of Curses Being Transformed Into Poltergeists
It’s expressly forbidden in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact to purposely breathe life into a Curse. It’s one of the few rules regarding magic in our reality. The consequences for anyone doing so brings down the veil of Heavenly non-intervention and a reign of Angelic justice ensues with extreme prejudice! This is because a Curse turning sapient is a being that could potentially grow out of control like a metaphysical black hole. An alarming apparition that could eat everything alive in its path both physical and metaphysical. Even the fools who used insane dark magics to make it sentient! Once inside the vexing void, a person will find themselves in a perpetual Hell in which they never die until the Living Curse is destroyed. The secret supernatural record lists this happening twice in the ancient past. Both times it nearly destroyed the Earth! Only Archangels were able to eliminate it from our reality! It’s plausible some paranormal faction could try to harness a Curse Poltergeist to win the War Of Armageddon!

The Dreaded Poltergeist Curse!
That being said it is possible for a Curse to spontaneously manifest a self-aware consciousness. In such cases, the entity has a much lower growth curve that keeps it from being a planetary threat. What it becomes is a Poltergeist with a singular mission of tormenting and killing those the Curse originally targeted. However, this now somewhat intelligent entity often spreads it to family, friends, and others as it feeds off the enticing energies of fright and rage. Such Curse Poltergeists are so powerful that they can literally destroy other poltergeists, dark spirits, and even demons! Plausibly only the Pentalpha Poltergeist would be somewhat of a match for it!

What these Super Poltergeists really do is absorb consciousness and then relish in the eternal torment within their metaphysical matrix! Humans killed by the blasphemous beast will find their souls pulled away from the white light of the Afterlife. Their spirits forever trapped within the poltergeist until the accursed abomination is slain by the forces of righteousness! Most likely their body was destroyed when the Curse Poltergeist briefly manifested into a monstrous metaphysical matter form! Truly a death beyond anything we could imagine in the world of horror!

What’s A Supernatural Curse?

In the supernatural sense, a Curse sometimes referred to as a Hex or Jinx, is an ominous incantation to invoke ill will upon one or more people for the purposes of revenge, justice, extortion, or merely just evil enjoyment! In a way, it is a form of magic that can be done by any human being if forged in a proper manner under the right circumstances. Most prolifically through the infamous Deathbed Curse! One’s final wishes backed by a powerhouse of righteous emotion can have great supernatural sway! However, magic based curses done by those experienced in sinister spells are far more powerful and can be passed down through families for multiple generations. The mystical Gypsies and Voodoo Masters are best known for their awesome cursing powers! There are also those born with psychokinetic curse manipulation powers. They wield the ability to instantly manifest, alter, or reverse curses of all types.

Curses perpetuated by dark supernatural beings are often the most potent of all. Demons and Clurichauns (Evil Leprechauns) are at the forefront of bad luck curses. Although, they don’t generally do this on their own. It must be a request from a misguided human. Even worse are the Curses laid down by Gods of varying higher dimensional powers as a supposed form of righteous holy cleansing. Some say humankind was cursed with death and suffering by a God when the first man and woman disobeyed his commands! A curse that will only be broken the day humanity ascends to Godhood in the distant future!

The Power To Make And Break A Curse!
The strongest enchanted energy in a curse is dark luck. It can simply bring about minor misfortune to a person or create a long line of deadly tragedy throughout a family line. The most famous in modern times is The Kennedy Family Curse. It seems the metaphysical Spirit all families have can be exploited to pass a programmed curse down to successive generations until a prolific Curse Breaker is born unto them. Curses aren’t easily broken due to them actually growing into a non-sapient Spirit whose erratic metaphysical energies infest the spirits of others. They deeply entangle into one’s soul as if laden with thick thorns acting as an astral virus with little chance of being cured! Thankfully death is the cure for most as the soul moves on into the cleansing holy light of Heaven thereby washing away the paranormal plague!

The foundational fuel of the Curse is ironically the free will and paranormal power that all human souls have. Ultimately the source of all magic is conscious energy of a non-corporeal sort. This is why simply having 100% disbelief consciously and sub-consciously in a curse can be enough to break it via one’s own free will. For this to work you need an iron will and a strong spirit! Although you have to first learn of it. Unfortunately, ignorance of a Curse’s existence doesn’t bring protection. This is why some come away unscathed from family curses. There’s also the fact that some people are simply not able to be cursed. This includes higher dimensional protections related to ones prophesied destiny, Guardian Angel protection, people who are simply too holy, and those with varying supernatural abilities. Especially Practitioners Of Magic who take countermeasures to prevent curses.

When it comes to any curse there is only so much supernatural juice to go around. Widespread curses tend to go after those most vulnerable to it. People with weaknesses and those who will have more of an impact on others thereby spreading the curse by causing emotional pain in reaction to the indirect misfortunes. In addition, there are a few lines in the Supernatural Secrecy Pact referring to Curses. Basically, it can’t affect too many people in any given time frame. Otherwise, the progenitors of the curse will get a monumental taste of their own metaphysical medicine!

Are You A Curse Victim Or Contemplating Curse Placement?
If you know or even suspect you’re the target of a curse, hex, or jinx then contact a Curse Specialist or Practitioner Of Magic in your community for guidance. Always try to reason with your Curser before taking drastic magical measures that can blow up into a never-ending war! They have the power to reverse your ordeal as the Cursed. If someone says they curse you then take it very seriously! If you feel tempted to curse someone even in jest think twice. Cursing someone has the risk of bringing dark luck upon yourself as well. That’s why the Deathbed Curse is the most popular form by novices. Whatever your grievance with someone it will ultimately be resolved and justice will eventually be served here or in the great beyond of the afterlife!

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