The Door Man Serial Killer Urban Legend

Door Man Serial Killer Urban LegendThis is the first confirmed true story of the Door Man Urban Legend.  Our story starts with a paranoid individual named Porter Canterbury.  He was a timid, and skinny man in his early 20’s who managed to get a woman in his apartment building into his bedroom for a maiden voyage into the realm of love.  Unfortunately the sadistic peeping heavyset handyman with master keys had seen the couple enter the apartment, and decided to let himself in.  The pervert crawled into the bedroom undetected as Porter neared ever closed to ultimate ecstasy.  The handyman snickered silently, and hid behind the open bedroom door.  When the act was complete Porter got out of bed to use the bathroom, and just then the handyman slammed the door closed, and roared loudly while flailing his arms.  Porter fell to the floor crying in the fetal position while the creep laughed maniacally.  The peeping perv then looked at the woman in bed, and said,”What a pathetic loser you just slept with!” He then shook his head, and left while chuckling.  After that incident Porter became deeply paranoid about doors not being flatly opened against the wall upon entry, or fully closed while inside. When opening a door he’d also pull it back, or push it forward slowly making sure nobody was waiting on the other side.  Despite attempts at psychiatric therapy he would obsessively push doors flat against the wall, and check behind them repeatedly everywhere he was!

This went on for over 15 years until his late 30’s when he met a beautiful psychologist who finally cured him, and became his girlfriend.  He now lived in a house, and had a ritual of checking behind the front door when he entered, and then proceeding to every door, and closet in the house.  One day after coming home from work at about 6 PM he was feeling happy, and confident about going out with his girlfriend later on.  As he unlocked the door, and entered he didn’t turn around to see if anyone was there.  He decided this would be the first day he would no longer check behind doors ever again.  He got a drink in the kitchen, and then went upstairs to lay his clothes out on the bed before going to the bathroom to take a shower. Upon returning to his bedroom he noticed the door that had been flat against the wall was now moved outward a bit.  He told himself he was imagining things, and that no person could even fit behind that anyway.  He ignored it, and walked over to the bed to get dressed.  Unfortunately the dastardly Door Man hidden behind the door pushed it open!

The creepy looking Door Man looked somewhat deformed as if slightly flattened by a giant iron.  His completely black sunken eyes suddenly displayed glowing green pupils as he slowly regained normal human form.  Although he was still quite skinny yet very tall at 6’6″.  He smiled with dark glee as he sneaked up behind Porter, and screamed,”Boooooooo!”  Porter’s heart began rapidly palpitating as he fell to his knees.  He screamed loudly,”Nooooooooooo!”  Door Man responded,”Oh yeeeeeeeeeeessssssss!” followed by crazy cackling.  He then picked up Porter like a scrawny puppet, and shoved him against the wall behind the door while violently slamming it into him repeatedly until the door was nothing but a pile of toothpicks. Porter lie dead behind the remains of the pulverized wooden door as the first confirmed victim of the supernatural Door Man serial killer!  We know this because of the classified hidden security cam footage discovered by the US Paranormal Defense Agency, and of course our insider sources gave us the supernatural 411!

The Origin Of The Door Man
Door CreeperThe Door Man is a supernatural serial killer with only one known shape-shifting ability. That of flattening his muscular skeletal system just enough to hide behind doors.  Clearly he could hide under beds, and other places but doors are his thing.  His story begins in the home of a violently abused child whose sadistic drunken Stepfather would hide behind doors, and leap out at his son before beating him as he creepily cackled.  The boys name was Carl Elkwood, and his ever growing dark mind would find sick solace in the Slenderman urban legend.  Carl dreamed of becoming a shape-shifter so he could exact revenge on wrong doers.  One fateful day 15 year old Carl happened upon a small shop of paranormal antiquities.  Carl would return day after day hoping to acquire something belonging to Slenderman.  Finally the Shopkeeper claimed to have a talisman that was formed from Slenderman’s spilled blood.  It’s a vile black substance that hardens like tar.  Apparently a paranormal crime fighting team known as Mystic Investigations had battled Slenderman leaving his blood behind.  A warlock had been watching from the shadows, and proceeded to collect the blood to create the talisman with a bit of magic.  The warlock found it useless since all it did was give the user the ability to compress their skeletal muscular system to a limited degree. So he sold it to the supernatural shop for $2000!

Carl became obsessed over getting the talisman that was now priced at $4000!  He was under pressure to come up with the money before someone else bought it.  One afternoon after coming home from school he saw his Stepfather at the kitchen table counting several large stacks of cash.  He yelled at Carl,”What the hell are you doing home this early you little bastard!?!”  Before he could answer the phone rang, and his Stepdad was talking about bringing the cash for some merchandise behind the bowling alley.  He put the money in a brown paper bag, and began to leave but not before aggressively shoving Carl against the refrigerator while smirking. Something finally snapped in Carl, and he picked up a large previously removed kitchen cabinet door, and beat the hell out of his stepfather with it.  He grabbed the cash, quickly packed some things in his backpack, and raced out of the house.  He made a beeline for the paranormal antiquities shop, and promptly bought the Slenderman talisman having $2000 bucks left over.

Upon placing the dark dull circular Slender talisman around his neck it exponentially fostered the dark thoughts already swirling around his mind,
and he set forth on a worldwide killing spree.  The paranormal tool was the perfect fit for his trademark need to hide behind doors, and utilize them as weapons as well.  The terrifying talisman gave him the power to shapeshift just enough to hide behind doors along with greatly increased strength.  It’s also thought that Slenderman communicates with Carl in his dreams, along with drawing him to people with great fear, and phobias. Carl was soon dubbed Door Man by paranormal investigators, and it seems he liked the name as well because he will often leave messages signed as such at government classified crime scenes.  A side effect of constantly wearing the dastardly device includes deep inset eye sockets with totally demonic black eyes that glow green when shape-shifting. He also lost his eyebrows, and for reasons unknown paints on pointed ones with a black magic marker.  He writes notes on the doors of crime scenes with it, and also draws a mustache, and goatee on himself as well.  Clearly he is suffering from a deep Slenderman psychosis yet the talisman prevents the eventual usual death from said paranormal psychosis.

The Door Man has now been on the loose instilling terror in the hearts of the weak willed for over 4 years now!  The government, and supernatural crime fighters are actively seeking the whereabouts of this sick paranormal puppy! If you have any information that can lead to his capture then don’t hesitate to contact your nearest paranormal experts, or Mystic Investigations!

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