Crazy Calamitous Clown Cult

What is it about clowns that can simultaneously bring joy, and terror at the same time? It’s the familiarity of the human form melded with the unsettling nature of their outward cosmetically altered appearance. Mix in some nutty behavior and it’s creepy time!  In the paranormal world, the darkest clowns of all time had to be the Cowlin Circus Cult. They were a group of terrifying outlaw clowns who operated throughout the 1960’s, and into the early 1970’s. These calamitous clowns worshiped a demon named Cowlin to attain power.  Their specialty was sacrificing innocent hippies by night on a diabolical demonic altar within their dark abandoned prison hideout!

Sneaky Sinister Clowns!

Amazingly by day, they would perform for children at carnivals, and circuses without touching a hair on their heads. It’s plausible the clowns realized they’d probably have more people after them if they went after kids rather than hippies. Quite often such free loving non-conformists were disowned by their families and would plausibly not be missed. There’s also the fact that sacrificing kids can have unintended cosmic karma repercussions. Overall they truly enjoyed being real clowns but wanted to be taken seriously rather than being considered a joke. They lusted for real paranormal power!

The Horror Of The Cowlin Cult Ends!

On Halloween, and under most Blood Moons, they would actually shapeshift into horrifying looking clowns without the use of make-up, red ball noses, prosthetics, wigs, etc.  They even had razor sharp teeth to sacrifice hippies directly via consumption! These killer creatures were truly a species of supernatural clown during those moments of enchanted evil the Demon Cowlin provided.  Thankfully for innocents everywhere they ran across a group of vampire slayers in 1972 who dispatched the clown cult with extreme prejudice! They then proceeded to burn the prison to the ground in holy oil & fire!  The Demon Cowlin has never been heard from since! The few ghosts that formed from the dead clowns were promptly exorcized as well! Interestingly enough, Cowlin Circus Cult never tried to join up with the infamous Klaus Kane Clown Cult that is still operating on a global level to this very day! They are the quintessence of clown darkness!

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