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The Mysterious Club 13 & The Work Witch Halloween Song

The video above features the Halloween theme song that’s sweeping the supernatural nation! Apparently it’s the most requested song in exclusive underground nightclubs, and raves around Halloween that only cater to those within the true paranormal community. Havens for supernatural … Continue reading

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The Scary Slenderman Music Video

Enjoy the seriously sinister sights, and sounds of the Slenderman music video. A video to haunt your nightmares until the day you die, and even beyond! Slenderman is an entity of evil from another dimension sentenced to life On Earth … Continue reading

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Funny Halloween Song

Halloween Is Coming Soon! Vampires, werewolves, zombies, witches and spooks afoot! I heard it in the Graveyard!🎃

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The Sinister Supernatural Slenderman Song

It’s the hit song that’s sweeping the nation this Halloween, and the ideal lullaby for kids who love their sweet Slendy. Slender Man Slender Man all the children try to run Slender Man Slender Man to him it’s part of … Continue reading

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