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The Last Visit Of A Ghost

A guy having relationship issues with his girlfriend devises an interesting plan to get her back. He comes to her door declaring his love for her, and urgently says he has little time to say good bye. She tells him to go … Continue reading

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The Thing Is The Perfect Halloween Movie

The Thing” Starring the beautiful Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a prequel to the 1982 John Carpenter film of the same name.  In the film, a science research team discovers a crashed alien vessel beneath the Antarctic ice.  A seemingly dead alien … Continue reading

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Is Chucky The Child’s Play Doll Real?

Yes indeed the criminally possessed Chucky Doll from the Child’s Play Movies is real!  Possessed objects are nothing new in the world of the paranormal. Although they usually have the trapped spirit of a demon or some other higher dimensional … Continue reading

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Halloween Resurgence: A Horror Film

The 66 Days & Nights Of Halloween: Day 64 3rd Night Of Halloween!

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