The Tragic Last Visit Of A Ghost?

At first it appears we have the classic ghost visitation. A man dies in a car accident and frantically visits his girlfriend to make amends for some wrong he committed against her.  In his mind this unfinished business is just enough to keep him as a temporary ghost while simultaneously fighting the force of Heavens … Read moreThe Tragic Last Visit Of A Ghost?

A Demonic Child Sets His Sights On Human Sacrifices!

 Our interpretation of the award-winning short horror film “Candy” leads us to believe the terrifying Trick O Treating child is a demon-possessed zombie. Something with a passing similarity to Jason Voorhees of Friday The 13th fame. The child plausibly died in a botched Halloween demonic sacrifice under the flawed guidance of an amateur dark … Read moreA Demonic Child Sets His Sights On Human Sacrifices!

The Wizard Of Oz Prequel

The motion picture Oz The Great And Powerful is a prequel of the The Wizard Of Oz. This fantastical looking Disney movie, as seen in the trailer above, first appeared in theaters on March 8, 2013. It’s the story of how the Wizard Of Oz himself, played by James Franco, came to be. There’s also the origin of … Read moreThe Wizard Of Oz Prequel

Freddy Krueger Will Invade Your Nightmares!

Yep, it’s a real shocker! Indeed Freddy Krueger is a real paranormal entity which means the Nightmare On Elm Street movie franchise is based on a true story. Often the entertainment community is nice enough to inform us of the secret supernatural world. A wayward world hidden from us by over-protective governments who worry of widespread … Read moreFreddy Krueger Will Invade Your Nightmares!

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