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The Movie Elf Is Based On A True Story

The movie “Elf“, Starring Will Ferrell, is the story of an orphaned human baby who is raised as one of Santa’s Elves at the magical North Pole Capital Of Christmas. ¬†An unnamed celebrity in the paranormal¬†community who is a regular … Continue reading

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Christmas Pumpkins And The Origin Of Human Elves

Billionaire Bill Gates has hilariously portrayed himself as Christmas Pumpkins based on the Saturday Night Live character Davis S Pumpkins. However David Pumpkins is actually a real Halloween entity while Christmas Pumpkins is fictional. Perhaps a better name would have … Continue reading

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Enchanted Elves Who Don’t Make Toys

North Pole City is considered the Capital of not only Christmas but all that is supernaturally good on Earth! The Demi-Angel Santa Claus is the de facto leader of the paranormal beings who side with truth, justice, and peace on … Continue reading

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Fraggle The Enchanted Elf

Santa Sends An Executive Elf To Run Mystic Investigations The executive staff at Mystic Investigations works hard all year running the office, conducting paranormal research projects, and battling the forces of supernatural evil in the field. So we really look … Continue reading

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