Enchanted Easter Egg Supermoon Werewolf Warning

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The Full Moon of April is generally known as the Pink Moon in both the paranormal and mainstream world. This is due to the first pink-hued flowers of spring such as Pink Moss, Mountain Phlox, and Pink Phlox. Sometimes the Moon may actually appear pink due to atmospheric conditions. Other times you may have Practitioners Of Magic using the flowers in potions that will, in turn, interact with localized lunar energies. You could also see the pretty pink moon if the Easter Bunny is nearby. Then there’s the fact that this Moon is mere days from Easter thus making it the Easter Egg Moon. The Spirit Of Easter had been running low but now it is surging! Those self-isolated due to the Coronavirus are deeply anticipating the Easter Season and adding their joy to the human collective consciousness in order to distract themselves from the dire global circumstances. In turn, basking in the light of this Moon will bring feelings of serenity and hope!🥚

The Easter Werewolves

The Pink Moon usually generates little Werewolf activity. What monstrous presence there is tends to be non-aggressive in nature. However, caution should be taken as they can be provoked. Often wayward werewolves only go after large prey that challenges them such as bears, wildcats and other ferocious forest animals. Interestingly enough, they won’t attack wolves and will actually become temporary Alphas of scared wolf packs. Things are even better under an Enchanted Easter Egg Moon ripe with the Easter Spirit! Since the world’s only Werehare has sway over the lunar energies Werewolves find this is the best Moon to practice controlling their transformations from human to hairy horror. Those stricken with the Werewolf Virus (Lycanthrope Virus) the longest may not even transform as they find resisting the Moon easier. And fear not for the Easter Bunny is far more powerful than any Werewolf! He hops about the night without a worry!🐺

Will The Supermoon Ruin Easter?

That being said we also have a Supermoon which unfortunately gives us extremely aggressive hulked out Werewolves looking for fresh flesh and blood! Thankfully, we have the eggstatic enchantment of the Easter Egg Moon whipped up with the whimsical Spirit Of April Fool’s still fresh in the metaphysical energy mix. Mother Nature is also spreading her Spirit forth as she and other Nature Deities “Spring Clean’ the Earth with extra effort in eliminating the perplexing pandemic perpetrated by The Plague Doctor! In the end, we are gifted with neutralization of the sinister effects of the Supermoon. Unless of course the Werewolf is seriously provoked and angered. Then it will bulk up to as much as twice the normal size and make all your nightmares come true! If you find yourself in danger of Werewolf attack you may pray to the Easter Bunny or local Nature Gods, Goddesses, Nymphs, Fairies, or even Elves! Standard werewolf repellents are quite effective along with pink flowers causing deep distractions in the Lycanthrope mind. Happy Easter To All And To All A Safe Moonlit Night!🐇

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