Super Flower Moon Werewolf Warning

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The Full Moon of May is usually known as the Flower Moon due this being the time of year that blossoms begin growing across the landscape. As with any Moon more than 80% of Full, the threat of Werewolf activity is a clear and present danger! The Flower Moon itself has no unusual effects on Werewolves except that they may be attracted to the fragrance of dense blooms. This might distract them until disturbed by the sound, scent, or sight of an animal or human. Then their monstrous carnivorous instincts take over and you may become their next meal! It’s recommended to not wear perfume or cologne during this Moon as it will more readily attract Werewolves to you. Interestingly enough, if you are stricken with the Lycanthrope Virus breathing in floral aroma’s during this Moon may hold off your transformation for a few hours.🌼🌺

The Protection Of Flower Fairies And Other Floral Deities

The Flower Moon is under the influence of flower related deities. This unfortunately doesn’t nullify the demonic nature of the Werewolves. However, where ever flowers are present one can call upon Flower Fairies or other related deities for assistance when facing a ferocious Werewolf. Depending on the power of the Goddess, Nymph, or Fairy they may merely distract the blasphemous beast so you can get away or even slay it! Of course, there is an agreement between the Nature Gods and Demons that says taking one of their own must be met with the same. Werewolves are of demonic lineage so a deity taking one down might result in a demon killing a Fairy or an Elf! Speaking of Elves, if all you get is a Flower Elf heeding your call for help then pray for someone to help him. He’ll probably be eaten! Flower Elves are peaceful little fellas who only tend to wildflowers. In response a God or Goddess might take out a Gnome.🧝

The Supermoon Of May Makes For Metaphysical Mayhem!

This particular Moon of May is also a Supermoon. This Super Flower Moon will cause greater aggression, strength, speed, agility, and even more enhanced senses in Werewolves. There will also be at least a doubling in muscular body mass! The bigger the Moon appears in the sky the more paranormal activity there will be! Any Nature Deities coming to your rescue might need reinforcements! Just to be safe use double the Werewolf repellent countermeasures. As an example you may have to wear two pure silver crucifix necklaces instead of one to keep a werewolf at bay. Or squirt the hairy horrors with a double dose of holy water infused with Wolfsbane to send them screeching off into the dark shadows. The Moon will be 100% Full on May 7th, 2020 but we recommend staying indoors tonight through the morning of May 9th, 2020 just to be safe.🐺

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