What Scents Will Attract A Sasquatch So I Can Capture It?

It’s not likely that you’re going to capture the mystical Sasquatch whose height can be up to 9 feet tall, and weight pushing 700 pounds. Nobody has ever succeeded in this task. Not even top flight supernatural hunters that include those who specialize in Werewolves.

The Bigfoot subsists on a diet of pine cones and evergreen needles. However you won’t be able to lure it with those things. This is due to them living in the middle of coniferous forests ripe with evergreen scents. The only aroma I can think of that you could get hold of are traditional Native American herbal tobacco mixes smoked at various ceremonies paying homage to the Sasquatch. The Bigfoot has always been a friend, and protector of the Indians. Especially during the dark era when Werewolves began infesting tribes. Some types of incense might work as well to attract the tall furry ones. Consult your local Indian tribe to see if they can help you out.

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  2. Some Sasquatch’s live in caves. They also love to eat meat. Like we do. I know an older man from Fairmount Indiana. His name is Tom. He told me of his true experience with a live Sasquatch. He told me he was out hunting alone. He thought there was another hunter coming up the hill behind him. He was at his truck! As he was putting his rifle into the trunk he could hear something behind him. He started yelling something thinking he was talking to another hunter. The sun was going down. He said he didn’t notice at first. But the hunter never responded back! So he looked over his shoulder and there it was standing in front of him. He said about 20ft away! His jaw dropped. Then the hairy fella ran into the woods back down the hill. So Tom’s first instinct was to run after him. lol ๐Ÿ˜‰

    As he began running. Screaming wait! Wait! He got half way down the hill. And realized he forgot his gun. And the sun was setting behind the trees. He then climbed back up the hill as fast as he could. To this day no one believe him. I told him I do. Not because I’ve seen any. But I have had dreams or visions of one. Why I said some live in cave’s and eat meat. They are pretty smart. They try hard to stay away from humans. I also seen that they love to eat Elderberries. and all sorts of wild berries. They have very good ears so they’ll hear us a mile away. Why we don’t see them often. The only reason Tom was able to see one. Was because Hairy was very curious about him. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And maybe his bright orange jacket. Who knows for sure. I wish I could find one. But I don’t want to startle it. They are strong.

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