Can A Werewolf Kiss A Human Without Turning Them Into A Werewolf?

werewolf-human-hugNaturally we mean a Werewolf in human form as I’m sure a fully transformed Werewolf kissing a human would not end well. Of course there are some Werewolves who have control of their transformations who can maintain some, or all of their consciousness in wolfy form.  Since Werewolves can transmit the Lycanthrope Virus via saliva from a bite it was assumed for countless centuries that intimate contact of any type could not occur between a human, and a Werewolf in any form.  However the fact is that the Werewolf Virus must come in contact with the bloodstream of a person to turn them into a Werewolf.

In fact there must be a decent amount embedded deep in the tissues. This is where the bite is essential.  Lycanthrope saliva ingested through the mouth actually ends up being altered slightly by stomach acids. Enough to not cause transformation even if it did absorb into the bloodstream. There plausibly could be a slight risk if there are any wounds in one’s mouth but the odds are slim that one could be infected in this way. If there is some worry then swishing with colloidal silver in advance of, and right after any make-out sessions is a sensible precaution. In addition other bodily fluids are almost never a method of werewolf virus transmission. Thankfully many Werewolves can lead normal human lives when there isn’t a full Moon!

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