What Happens To Pregnant Werewolves?

What Happens To A Pregnant Woman Who Transforms Into A Werewolf?

Firstly, female Werewolves can indeed get pregnant. In human form, they can have babies just like anyone else. Unless they are descended directly from the original pure blood Lycan Werewolves then their child will be a normal human baby. These are the people who became werewolves when bitten by another and they acquired the Lycanthrope Virus. The only problem is if they transform on the nights of the full Moon while pregnant. During the transformation, their unborn child will be burned away as fuel for their monstrous form. Only wolf women who have learned to control their transformations or seek special magical intervention can protect their pregnancy and give birth to a beautiful healthy child.🌕

Pure Breed Lycan Werewolf Pregnancies

Those directly descended from pure breed Werewolves will produce a true werewolf child. One or both parents can pass on the Lycanthrope gene.  If both parents have it then the Werewolf will simply be more powerful and considered Lycan royalty as opposed to a half breed. Although a so-called half-breed is still a werewolf. The term is simply pompous discrimination! These type of Lycan descended werewolves are guaranteed to control their transformations and not be at the mercy of the full Moon.

When a pregnant werewolf woman of this pure heritage transforms to wolf form her unborn child has the genetic, and cellular structure to withstand the internal violence of it.  In fact, it makes the child even stronger.  As the pregnancy progresses the fetus will semi-transform with the mother, and then back again when she goes to human form.  In the final month, the sixth month, it may actually fully wolf out! Violently beating the mother from within when she’s in werewolf form. This might cause an early birth to occur. If the child wolfed out while the mother was in their human-like form she would immediately transform because it could cause great bodily damage and possibly kill her!

The Eternal Pure Werewolf

When pure breed Lycan werewolves mate in either human or their wolf form the resulting child is the same. However, if those of werewolf virus origin complete the act in their wolf form the result is horrifying! When conceived in this way the baby never returns to a human state because they never had one, to begin with. It is a pure demonic werewolf. The resulting pregnancy would cause the female to stay in werewolf form for the one week gestation period. She would most likely find deep forest cover, a cave, or bury herself in the ground until the unholy birth. After giving birth the mother is often the albino abominations first meal. Even in its baby state, it would be more powerful than a full-grown werewolf! Within a week it would be an adult itself. A blasphemous beast capable of destroying entire wolf packs!

The albino werewolf is immortal and remains in wolf form 24-7! During the day it is weaker and will hide in a cool dark place. This is the best time to try and attempt to eradicate it from existence! During the night it roams about eating anything in sight with the apex of its power on full Moon nights. Its bite is deadly to humans and it can’t transform them into werewolves. Nor can the alarming abomination mate with another werewolf. Thankfully, this atrocity is beyond rare since most transformed werewolves simply want to tear apart anything that moves including others of its kind. In addition, the odds of two werewolves of the opposite sex managing to cross paths on a full Moon night are quite astronomical!🐺

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  1. Very interesting.. Is this why I was 3 months early? I was only 3lbs when born.. My lungs were fully developed. The dr said I was lucky! I do have a question. What if a female werewolf gets raped by a male werewolf while roaming under the fullmoon? She gets pregnant.. The baby begins to grow faster than humanly possible. Since this woman werewolf was in astral form. She has the baby.. it begins to grow fast from an infant into a toddler withing 20mins. So on.. Yeah I had a nightmare I was raped and had a child.. The werewolf who did this planned it. He then asked me to name the boy.. I looked at him seeing he has my eyes and hair. I said to him. Do you like the name Daniall? He shook his head yess. I then hugged him and knew I was going to lose him when I awoke! We were deep within the mountains. I woke up feeling very crazy and wondered what the heck just happened. If it’s true! Then that would mean I have another son running in this world. I only pray he is good. The father is a ceep far as I’m concerned. For what he did. I hope it was only a night mare. This made me think about it. Happened 2 yrs ago! If true he’d be a man now. Sounds strange. This world holds un explainable secrets.

    • If we were talking about two physical werewolves then they would produce a soulless albino werewolf who is always in wolf form, and has no human form.

      As for astral werewolves I’m not sure. Are you saying you were roaming about the countryside in an astral werewolf form, and another astral werewolf raped you? He impregnated you will astral energy, and you gave birth to an astral child while in an astral wolf form? Were you human at any point in astral form while pregnant, or giving birth? There’s a good chance it wouldn’t just be a mindless soulless Werewolf if born in the astral plane. What manner of being would someone be who is born in an astral plane? A ghost? A person born in spirit form with no body? If this was planned I would think the male Werewolf had a body lined up for possession of the astral baby. Maybe a baby in a coma, or one about to die. Such a powerful spirit would reanimate the body to perfect health. So you might have a child out there especially if he wanted you to name him. Naming a mindless creature or some spirit who would never be in this world wouldn’t make much sense.

  2. Hello Xavier,.. Yes I was astraling in my werewolf form. Then this male werewolf came up from behind me, caught me off guard of course. He dug his claws in to my hips so I couldn’t get away! Well it all happened so fast I don’t want to remember that part. Then all of a sudden I felt weird. My belly began to grow fast. So fast I didn’t have time to even fight that bastard. I wanted to hurt him for raping me. As my belly grew I felt some discomfort.. It rather freaked me out! I was in my wolf form when the baby was created. Then as I began to push and go into labor I transformed back into my human form. Which caused me to feel some pain having this child. Not as much as having my first two babies in the physical. “of course”..

    I laid against a tree as I pushed this child into the world. Then it came out and I laid it upon my belly and chest. I looked down and noticed it was continuing to grow at an alarming rate! So much was going through my mind. Like.. Is this real? Am I having a nightmare? it was very realistic. The man or werewolf who did it.. then transformed into his human form and watched. He told me to name the boy.. Yes it was a human child. There’s not way you could even tell that it was paranormal. Or even a werewolf. He had my strawberry blonde hair and yellow green eyes. I hugged him and told him that I love him very much! I tried to explain to him that mom must leave and that I’ll never forget him nor stop loving him. I woke up in a sweat.. I wanted to cry since I knew I just lost another son. 🙁 Then the thought that I was going crazy crossed my mind. I know what I saw and went through. If Danial is out there. I hope he’s not evil.. With his fathers influence I have no idea how he’s turned out.

    I have a question.. What if I were raped or had sex with a physical vampire while in my astral form? Would the same thing happen? Could I have a child .. reminds me of the movie Warlock. But the baby wasn’t evil.. He was intelligent straight away! I never sensed he was a demon or anything wicked. I could be wrong.. But at that moment I was in awe that this had happened. And I love children. I only wish I didn’t lose him.

    This child came from me… not thrown into another babies body. From what I have experienced in this world. There are so many things we still don’t understand.

    • When any being is in astral form it’s all about exchanging mystical energies. Extreme true love between two being making astral love has been known to produce astral children. It’s said all beings have this potential. Although it’s rare, and the child usually remains in astral form without a physical body. They usually become astral free spirits, or move on to the afterlife. It theorized that some early Earthly Gods might have been born this way. This would suggest that they can eventually gain the power to interact with the physical reality, and even manifest a body. It’s likely they would be born without the parents knowledge, and the God would think they were just born out of nothing. Or they would remember their parents as primordial Gods who vanished away once they work up in their human form. The parents might think it was all a dream. So humans might be responsible for creating some Gods this way, or even through the magic of mass consciousness belief.

      As for someone being in such an advanced astral form that they can mate with a biological being such results would be unpredictable. For sure it would be the mystical energies of both beings that produce the child since the biological, and the astral cannot truly procreate.

  3. Xavier,.. I was also thinking perhaps this was possible because I was an astral werewolf and the father was a physical werewolf? Mixing the physical with the astral magic. etc. I don’t exactly understand how any of it works. All I know is that a baby was produced and it was human with awareness. He understood everything I said to him. Like something out of a Stephan King novel.

    Now when I am in my werewolf form.. I run as fast as I can. I never let other werewolves get close to me. The only werewolves I trust and run with are the true werewolves of nature! Whom never transform into humans. I have found that the human werewolves are the most corrupt and evil. The nature wolves are not. I run with them and they never try to attack me or rape. They too are also very intelligent. And they stand for nature! They hunt deer. Not saying they don’t eat a hunter from time to time. I also run with real wolves in the forest. Men are the wicked ones.. with that power they devour everything in there path! I stand for nature and keeping the balance.

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