Human Form Werewolf Rages Over Chicken Nugget Denial

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It was New Years Day 2010 when 25-year-old Melodi Dushane showed up at the drive-thru of her local Toledo, Ohio McDonalds. She had a huge hunger for Chicken McNuggets but unfortunately for everyone, it was still breakfast time. The McDonald’s employees tried to explain to her that they had no chicken nuggets to give her until lunchtime. This sent her into a rabid rage in which she tried to force her way into the drive-thru window while punching employees. She ended up smashing the window and sped away in her car. Police eventually tracked her down and she spent 60 days in jail along with having to pay for the drive-thru window repair. Read The Rest Of The Story And See The Drive-Thru Surveillance Video…🐺

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