Is It Painful For A Human To Transform Into A Werewolf?

What Is The Transfiguration Like For A Werewolf?

werewolf-transformationYes it’s quite dreadfully painful for a Werewolf to transform on the full Moon nights.  The horrific screams can be heard blocks a way.  Fortunately the transformation takes only five minutes in most cases.  Usually only the first two and a half minutes are a living hell.  To them it feels like forever even though it’s not much time.  During the final minutes they are more Werewolf than human, and they can take the pain.  In fact it further fuels their rage, and makes them stronger as they salivate at the prospect of a fresh kill in the light of the silvery Moon.

The reverse transformation back to human form is much easier because in most cases the individual is passed out cold.  As the sun begins to rise a Werewolf weakens, and scurries away into the nearest cover whether it be brush, ditch, cave, building, etc.  It then begins to doze off to sleep.  Despite the pain of the transformation the person doesn’t wake up until many hours later.  They are quite groggy, and disoriented as they find themselves wearing nothing in an unknown location.  Many times they are covered in blood, and mud.  They feel no residual pain from the Lycanthrope transfiguration.  In fact a few hours after they awaken they feel energized, and full of life even with no sleep the night before.  The process of changing into a Werewolf rejuvenates the body at the cellular level, and is a substitute for sleep.  At least on these handful of full Moon nights.  They generally have random flashes of what happened while they were a Werewolf but not much else in the way of exact memories.

More advanced Werewolves can transform at will, and even prevent the full Moon transformation.  They might even be able to block out the pain, and remain fully aware while a Werewolf.  At the least they could remember exactly what happened.  Generally you must be a Werewolf for a long time, and practice deep meditation to achieve this.  These type of advanced Werewolves usually run in packs where they can support, and work together to control the rage that roars within.

We get this information directly from Werewolves who choose to lock themselves in a cage within the sub-basement at Mystic Investigations.  They do so for their own protection, and the safety of others they might harm.  Despite the sound proof room we can feel the vibrations of the unholy Lycan roars throughout our office building.  Every so often an unscrupulous werewolf hunter has demanded we allow them to enter, and finish off the beast.  We usually tell them where to shove it, and they move on.  Although once a gang of hunters rushed our offices, and nearly made it to the basement before we stopped them cold in their tracks.  We also get reliable Werewolf information from a Comanche Indian tribe a few towns over that happens to be Werewolves.  We keep in touch every so often about any threats in our tri-county area.

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  2. Not all Werecreatures have pain.
    Yes, there is some pain, but it is not nearly as much as you’d think if you know what to do properly. Of course, if you do not mentally shift properly, it’s really going to hurt when you shift.

    Also, I strongly object to werewolf whistles on the store as morally wrong.

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