Do Werewovles Lead Regular Wild Wolf Packs?

Werewolf With Real WolvesYes some Omega Werewolves who don’t run with a Lycanthrope pack have been known to dominate a standard pack of non-paranormal wolves in the wilds.  Usually this is in their human form since they tend to be mindless killing machines that would eat wolves in full hulked out furry form.  Although once they’ve been with a group of wolves for some time they instinctively know to not harm the wolves when in full Moon wolf form themselves.  Those who can remain conscious as a Werewolf, and can change at will will often run with the wolves in non-human form.

Sometimes these Omega Werewolves seek out a pack on purpose while other times it’s purely by accident.   They’re out taking a sweet stroll in the woods, and the human form Werewolf smells some freshly killed meat which peaks his, or her, interest.  They find the source along with a pack of hungry wolves picking apart the freshly hunted prey.  At that point an epic battle generally ensues, and the pack quickly realizes that this person appearing to be a human is their new Alpha pack leader.  Sometimes the Werewolf keeps them for companionship, and protection while sleeping, since most Omega’s are loners.  Other times they utilize the wolf pack for nefarious purposes.  Either way if you spot a human playing among wolves, or even partaking of an animal carcass with them then we advise getting the hell out of there as fast as possible because you never know who you’re dealing with!

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