The Supernatural Meaning Of A Rainbow Around The Moon

A circular rainbow around the Moon, also known as a Moonbow, lunar halo, or lunar rainbow, is sometimes caused by the refraction of light through ice particles in high altitude clouds.  It generally means rain or snow will fall shortly.  In a number of cases it’s actually Cloud, Rainbow, and sometimes other Nature Nymphs painting the dark nocturnal sky canvas independently, or together in artistic unison. As with all Rainbows they bring good luck to the localized area they’re viewed in. The rainbow light makes the somewhat unholy lunar light holy for a short time.  It’s more or less the complete opposite of the 100% unholy Blood Moon.  The holiest state is when the Moon itself appears to be rainbow colored.  This usually indicates the presence of a Leprechaun and/or Unicorn as these beings wield the awesome powers of good luck.

Interestingly enough a complete standard rainbow at night indicates some manner of distress or emergency effort from a supernatural being.  It can be a warning from nature God’s sending a message of caution forth to all who know its meaning. However, since it is an extremely rare sight it’s very good luck to see it. Especially if it happens during a New Moon! This infusion of luck comes in handy if you should happen to run across said danger.

Rainbow Light Time Travel Arcs

Leprechauns, in particular, might create a rainbow arc around the Moon for the purposes of time travel. A supernatural time travel method that uses enchanted lunar energies, good luck, circular geometric perfection, and rainbow light. Sometimes the only purpose is to merely travel to daylight in that area to quickly hide their pot of gold from someone, find their previously hidden gold, or teleport somewhere across the Earth.  Creating a complete rainbow at night in light far dimmer, and less holy than the sun, or in no light, requires immense powers. In contrast, a time travel light arc to hours earlier, or later actually requires less. Unfortunately, the limit to these time travel powers is 24 hours maximum! Once in sunlight, they can create complete rainbows to locate their hidden gold or form global paranormal transport conduits with connecting rainbow networks.  Both Leprechauns & Unicorns travel by rainbow. In addition, some powerful practitioners of magic, along with a handful of other supernatural creatures, may be responsible for Moonbows, and rainbows in general.

Rainbow Werewolves

A lunar halo around the Full Moon often indicates you can walk safely through the nocturnal shadows without worry of a werewolf attack. Powerful practitioners of magic, such as Witches, may utilize spells calling upon Rainbow Nymphs, Fairies, and other enchanted entities to create Moonbows. This is a supernatural safety tactic often employed during the terror of Full Moon Werewolf nights! The lunar light being made holy by the rainbow thereby duplicates the conditions of a Yule Moon to some extent. During the Yule Moon of Christmas, most werewolves become docile creatures with gleaming white fur. Under this localized lunar rainbow light there is a temporary lull in wayward werewolf activity. A standard rainbow arced across the sky tends to dampen lunar energies and keep Werewolves in a peaceful state. If a Werewolf is in mid-attack the rainbow will distract it so you may escape.

The effect of the rainbow encircled moonlight generally causes Werewolves to simply hide out, and avoid humans. However, if startled they will viciously attack out of fear! The additional holy nature of the Moon may aid older Werewolves in resisting the transformation forced by the Lycanthrope Virus. If the Moon is completely engulfed in a rainbow then younger Werewolves will become quite docile, and may even allow you to pet them. Their fur is considered a good luck charm, and brazen individuals may attempt to shear some off. Especially witches who will keep it for future magical spells. Older Werewolves will return to human form until the rainbow effect has vanished. Since this can happen rapidly it’s recommended to still avoid Lycanthropes due to the extreme dangers of this unpredictable supernatural shift.

Dark Anti-Rainbow Werewolves

If any rainbow is of unusually dark colors or appears to have an almost Rainbow Obsidian property then it’s actually bad luck!  It indicates a Clurichaun, aka dark Leprechaun, dark God, demon, warlock or some other entity of evil warping the rainbow light. In some cases, they are creating their own dark rainbow for nefarious purposes. Often under these circumstances, the colors will be reversed in diabolical defiance of Mother Nature. Such unholy rainbow light can actually amplify the aggression and powers of werewolves! If you see such a rainbow we suggest immediately running for the nearest building, and locking yourself securely in!

A Most Hellish Honey Moon Of Werewolves And Bees!

The Full Moon Of June 2020 was prophesied to be a Honey Moon of a more horrifying sort! This despite most sources still saying it will be the usual Strawberry Moon. A Honey Moon generally occurs when various Goddesses of Bees and Honey, along with their allies, gain control of the enchanted lunar energies. Unfortunately, this gives the notorious Beatrice Bee Queen Of Hell a conduit from the Underworld into ours. Even without her influence Bees behavior will change in the light of this Moon as Werewolves crave honey. They inexplicably welcome the Werewolf raiding their hive for sweet nectar. The bees then follow the blasphemous beast about the night on their hunt for carnivorous meals. The helpful Bees will swarm and sting any potential victims to make the Werewolf’s kill easier! Even if they’re not killer bees, all manner of bees become just that on this hellish night!🐝

The Supernatural Symbiosis Of Werewolf And Bee

When the Honey Moon hits 100% of full and the lunar light is unfiltered by clouds we then see the bees terrifying transformation. They become carnivorous supernatural insects who slurp up any remains the satiated Werewolf may leave behind. In the act of corralling a meal for the hairy horror they may also bite off a few fleshy chunks along with their venomous stings! Keep in mind this only occurs with bees who have become hypnotically linked to the Werewolf who becomes a conduit for the spell of lunar light. Beatrice Bee Queen Of Hell is firmly responsible for this behavior. Read The Rest Of This Paranormal Activity Forecast…

The Pink Easter Egg Supermoon Werewolf Warning

The Pink Moon of April usually generates little Werewolf activity. What monstrous presence there is tends to be non-aggressive in nature. However, caution should be taken as they can be provoked. Often wayward werewolves only go after large prey that challenges them such as bears, wildcats and other ferocious forest animals. Interestingly enough, they won’t attack wolves and will actually become temporary Alphas of scared wolf packs. Things are even better under an Enchanted Easter Egg Moon ripe with the Easter Spirit! Since the worlds only Werehare has sway over the lunar energies Werewolves find this is the best Moon to practice controlling their transformations from human to hairy horror. Those stricken with the Werewolf Virus (Lycanthrope Virus) the longest may not even transform as they find resisting the Moon easier.🐺 Read The Rest Of This Wayward Warning On Our Paranormal Activity Forecast Blog To See The Supermoon Effect…