Wicked Witch Of The West Animatronic Prop

Conjure up ghoulish glee this Halloween season with a Wicked Witch Of The West talking animated prop from the classic movie Wizard Of Oz.  The six foot plus tall green witch speaks and screeches in a menacing manner. The green skin indicates this wayward witch is hip deep into the dark demonic magics! She also moves her hideous head and mouth with malevolent intent!  It makes the perfect addition to your haunted house, or trick o treater yard decor.  To learn more or purchase this diabolical decoration click here. UPDATE: As of 2019 it appears this prop is no longer available! Search for witch related animatronic Halloween props here.

If you get this spooky prop then the Wicked Witch Of The East’s legs wearing ruby slippers would nicely round out your Wizard Of Oz theme.

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