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Pumpkin WitchThe 66 Days & Nights Of Halloween: 7th Night Of Halloween!
The 13 Nights Of Halloween are the busiest time of year for those of us in the paranormal investigations crime fighting game. So here at Mystic Investigations we have our annual office Halloween party on the Sunday before Halloween. Not to be confused with our Halloween night Trick-O-Treat haunted house party open to the public. Why Sunday you ask?  There’s a general holiness on Sundays that somewhat subdues the increased Halloween paranormal activity.  This allows us to take a brief break from battling the forces of blatant blasphemy.We purposely had it from 10 AM to 2 PM in the hopes there wouldn’t be any supernatural interruptions.

The party involves us decorating for the Halloween night party open to the community which also welcomes local Trick Or Treaters. When we’re done the office will look like an abandoned building with holographic projected ghosts and other sinister specters. The same type of projections will make the windows appear to have smashed holes in them both inside and out. Among the planned disarray will be some realistic looking Animatronics.  We have hidden passages that are ideal for employees to bolt out in costumes scaring people. Werewolves, zombies and various monsters are fan favorites. Of course, some of us also man our own haunted homes to greet the little candy beggars.  Halloween is a hectic night as we try to enjoy the festivities around town, run haunted houses, pass out treats, and fight off the real paranormal entities of evil! Thankfully, the fantastical festivities tend to keep most dark denizens away from those with the Spirit Of Halloween in their hearts.

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