Malevolent Mirror Madness

A young woman finds herself alone in a deserted store shopping for clothing. Plausibly, the one employee on duty is taking a bathroom break. Unfortunately, the woman can’t find a changing room nearby and ends up locating one beyond a door with a sign that says, “Caution! This Area Closed Off!” She ignores it and heads up a steep staircase hoping to find a place to try clothes on. She finds a changing room and all appears well. She disrobes amid two mirrors hanging on opposite walls creating a spooky Infinity Effect. She is amused by the illusion of infinite mirrors creating a tunnel. However, that all changes as a deranged man with a noose around his neck appears to be crawling in the mirror growing ever closer to her!

The terrified woman tried to escape out the door she came in but it is sealed shut by fantastical forces. She’s frozen in fear as she begins recording with her phone. The evil entity makes it out of the mirror silently and then grabs her jump-scare style. The screaming woman is dragged into the mirror and appears to be hanging by her neck ready to meet her maker. Our investigations into the mirror led us to an advertising firm in the late 1970’s where an ad executive was about to be arrested for embezzling money. He hung himself in the company gym right in front of a mirror. Unfortunately for him, it was a cursed mirror that literally sucked his soul within its dark reflection.

During the construction of the building some crazy demon cult utilized the easily accessed area for a human sacrifice ritual! They inadvertently created a pocket dimension within the mirror when summoning a demon. In essence, it was a tunnel from Hell that the demon used to travel here. After he left with the sacrificed soul the mirror maintained the hellish hallway. Thankfully, it was cut off from Hell and could only access this world when placed in front of another mirror. A simple infinite reflection of photons was the key to unlocking the mirror. Something only achieved when the advertising firm went out of business with the assets sold at auction. The clothing store acquired the malevolent mirror with the sad soul of the ad exec trapped within.

The Damned Don Draper wannabe went insane being trapped within a dimension of infinite mirrors. Once the mirror was placed in front of another he figured out he could step out and materialize in a metaphysical matter form for mere minutes before being sucked back into the mirror. On one occasion, he pulled someone in with him in the hopes of trading places with them. However, it didn’t work. It only made the situation more hellish and he was compelled to murder the individual. After doing so, he felt a surge of supernatural power and realized he could exist outside the mirror longer than normal. The paranormal process of sacrificing innocent souls within the mirror continued to ramp up his perplexing power as he was able to stroll about the dark streets for hours at a time.

He had no idea that there was still a tiny tunnel to Hell. Although he was bound to the mirror, the people he killed within became demonic sacrifices. Such sinister sacrifices always give a bit of power back in return to encourage more tribute to the demon. At some point, the mirror room was kept away from the general public when paranormal investigators figured out something wicked was going on. Unfortunately, another victim fell prey, as seen in the video above. This time, hidden cams along with the woman’s cell phone caught the entire thing on tape. The US Paranormal Defense Agency was contacted, and they took the mirror to a secret base for study. The ad exec was fed live criminals to bolster its power to the point of existing outside the mirror for days at a time. He was trained to become a secret agent of assassination. To this day, Agent X works as a black ops agent. He is kept under control by his soul being eternally attached to the mirror. Always beware of double mirrors in enclosed spaces!👻

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