Is Where’s Waldo Real?

You may know Where’s Waldo (Where’s Wally In Great Britain) as a popular series of children’s books. Within the illustrated pages one must attempt to find the distinctively dressed Waldo at various locations. In a Parallel Universe, there is a real person who is somewhat like Waldo. He’s a deeply eccentric billionaire named Waldo Wallyson. He absolutely loves traveling around the world to the point of not even having one permanent home! On a daily basis at some point, he dons his trademark red-and-white-striped shirt, bobble hat, and glasses for a certain period of time. He usually only does this in very crowded venues.

He also generally pays actors to dress similar to him so they may act as decoys. In addition, he sometimes decorates items in the vicinity with red, and white stripes just for the fun of it! If someone happens to recognize him and is the first to cry out “There’s Waldo!”, they get one million dollars in cash! It’s presented to the lucky winner by one of Waldo’s security people who are always nearby. Mr. Wallyson has photographers document his various live location contests, and publish them into books on an annual basis.  The books themselves contain a plethora of clues where Waldo can be found in the coming year. There’s also an online game and app where people can win smaller cash prizes by locating him via live cams, and even satellite photos.

Waldo eventually died at the age of 84. His final wish was a morbid request for people to locate his cryogenically frozen corpse in a glass case.  A lucky sea diver found it in the ocean off the coast of Australia. He won himself a cool billion! 307 years later he was resurrected via amazing technologies, and he began his hide, and seek in plain sight games again.  However the concept of money had vanished by then, and he gave away various handcrafted prizes instead.  Something sought after since he was considered a famous historical figure by then. The Immortal Waldo spread his popular game into space across the Milky Way, and beyond! It’s even said he stopped an intergalactic war by encouraging the game to decide the victor rather than violence. God bless Waldo and his wacky ways of wisdom!

Where’s Waldo Now?

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