Domestic Abuse & Tooth Fairies!

Realistically speaking a Tooth Fairy or other supernatural being of the light can detect when all are asleep in a home, or appear invisibly.  That being said small children could spot such enchanted entities due to their innocent minds.  If a Tooth Fairy happened to be in a home when some manner of domestic abuse or other crime was taking place they wouldn’t sit by idly, and do nothing! Nor wait until things got out of hand!  They would intervene before anyone was hurt, and would most likely do it without resorting to violence.

This despite it being a violation of the Supernatural Secrecy Pact to reveal themselves so blatantly. A Tooth Fairy would quickly attempt to use hypnotic fairy dust to make the adults forget but it doesn’t always work on strong-willed humans. However, fairy dust will also not work on young children for the purposes of memory erasure.  In addition, a Tooth Fairy can not be extinguished via common weaponry so he or she would always be victorious! Read More About Tooth Fairies…

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