Emergency Halloween Costume Kit

Does time fly by like a Phoenix Firebird gliding into Hell?  One day it’s the Fourth Of July, and the next it’s suddenly Halloween!  You find yourself invited to a Halloween party with jack squat to wear!  What ever will you do!  Get the Emergency Halloween Kit!  Place it next to your First Aid Kit so you’re good to go when the urgent need for a costume arises on Halloween, or any other occasion all year long.  The essential package contains a Vampire, Witch, Werewolf, Zombie, and Skeleton costume made of plastic.  You can also get the non-spooky version of the emergency costume kit which contains a Cowboy, Pocahontas, Superhero, Pirate and Hula Girl. Never be the party pooper again with the essential Emergency Costume Kit.  Learn more, or order here.

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